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Using Simple Material to Make Magic

Using Simple Material to Make Magic

To create a masterpiece, or something extraordinary doesn’t take the most expensive material or the most sophisticated equipment, or the rarest and unique pieces of décor. All it takes is skill, finesse and a little bit of patience. If you look at some of the exquisitely hand-crafted objects, you would see to your amazement that most of them have been made from simple and basic every-day material, some of which you’d never imagine! That’s the best thing about art and how it differs drastically from other fields of expertise. Art gives you freedom, the freedom to be original, the freedom to express, the freedom to change, and the freedom to create the amazing from nothing!

Fine Paper

Paper is something that is extremely underrated. If you think about it, there are so many things we cannot do without paper. Paper can range from loads of different types of thin and fine tissue paper to normal writing paper to thick cardboard paper and so many other kinds in between.

Coloured tissues come in various sizes and qualities mainly for art and craft purposes. They are incredibly delicate and easy to handle, and can be folded, crushed, and twisted for all types of hand-work. The basic types are widely used in schools and colleges while large, better quality rolls may be used for heavy-duty crafting and can be bought in bulk at awesome rates. There are also the types of fine prints often used for décor purposes at special occasions like weddings and parties.

The tissue is something very simple and light but could create amazing art that can blow your mind. Gift shops or stationery stores are the likely places you would go to if you wish to find the best and largest collections of various types.

Writing paper & Drawing paper

The regular paper that’s made for writing and drawing purpose is almost the same kind in terms of appearance, thickness and other properties. They are widely available in plain, light colours including white, and various different sizes, too. Writing paper is usually ruled and lined in different ways to facilitate the required type of writing. Drawing paper can be bought in large rolls or in a form of a book for large and small-scale painting and drawing.

Shredded Paper

This is the type of paper that is used in the craft to create the look of an artificial nest. Shredded paper can be bought straight away at the store in different colours and different densities, and quantities. In case you are unable to run up to the store, you can always purchase sheets of paper, the right ones, and have them shredded at home. Shredded paper is also used in décor and gift packing or in other types of packaging as stuffing to create volume and fullness.

Paper is almost like the salt or the sugar in a delicious dish. It becomes the base upon which the rest of the flavours and essences can take effect, and without them, your food would be nothing but bland.

Safikul Islam