5 Advantages of Owning a Motorcycle vs. a Car

Even though cars have their benefits over the motorcycle, the latter offers multiple advantages in comparison.When travelling or riding alone, a bike seems to be the most convenient means of transport as it offers the needed freedom to get to where you are going. In comparison with a car, a motorcycle offers the following benefits:


It occupies lesser space

Motorcycles are smaller in size as compared to cars. When fitting a bike in your garage you can fit about four Harley-Davidson FXDLS Low Rider S bikes for the space that will be occupied by a single car. It thus implies that bikes are more economical in terms of the garage and parking space.

It consumes less gas

The capacity of the engine of the motorcycle as compared to that of a car is less. This means that the latter consumes a lot of fuel as compared to the bike. Apart from that, when cars are stuck in a traffic jam, they still consume a lot of fuel which translates to additional costs. However, Harley-Davidson FXDLS Low Rider S will be able to beat the traffic jam and thus save on the fuel consumption and the cost in general.

They are cost efficient

Although there are bikes which cost more than some cars, they are still cost-effective for the long term. You can fix your own motorbike and move on with your journey. For example, when you get a tire burst, you can pull over to the side of the road with your bike and fix it within a few minutes. This can be daunting for a car as you might take hours to fix a punctured wheel or even forced to call a mechanic. It is also easy and inexpensive to buy a motorcycle depending on the type you are looking for.

They are faster when compared with cars

Bikes do not stand still for a traffic jam. They keep moving as they can manoeuvre in narrow paths. This makes them fast and thus you can depend on them to get to work in time. As for a car, you have to wait in the traffic jam with the rest which will delay you to your destination. This makes it more efficient to ride on your Harley-Davidson FXDLS Low Rider S as compared to a car. Although different motorcycles come with different speeds, beating the traffic jam makes them faster.

They are safer

Most people think motor bikes are dangerous because you can fall off as compared to a car. However, if you have the right skills and your bike is in good condition, then you have nothing to worry about. It is as safe as it can be. With a car, you can talk on the phone while driving but with a bike, it is not possible to do that. A car offers the ultimate comfort for the driver and thus the temptation to pick up a call while on the wheel.For the motorcycle, it will be impossible to communicate with the person in the other end due to the wind and you have to use both hands to ride.

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