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What Is The Best Bike To Buy For a Beginner?

What Is The Best Bike To Buy For a Beginner?

Are you a beginner learning to ride your very own motorcycle? No matter if it is small distance or a long one you should always begin with a starter unit so that it can be easier and you can do this the right way. Buying too much will put you in a bit of a sticky situation and can even be a little dangerous if you actually have not had any experience riding before. Here are some suggestions on how as a beginner you can choose the ideal one for you.

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Should You Go For A Cruiser, Standard Or Sports Model?

These are pretty much the three main options that you can choose from when it comes to you selecting what model you would like. If you really are not sure about riding and it is the first time you will even be trying out on the open road investing in something simple and steady like a Vespa would be really good. Cruisers and standard scramblers are great for riding around the town and taking on the backpacking trip now and then but sport ones can actually take up higher speeds and will also turn around corners really fast which can be dangerous for a beginner. Remember that it is, therefore, safer to go with something a bit slower and steadier after which you can change to a more trying version.


Select the Correct Displacement

The ideal displacement that you should look for in a scrambler if you are a beginner is a small to medium displacement that falls in the range of between 125 to 250 cc and nothing more. These will offer you better control of the cycle, they are much lighter and are also better balanced. They will ensure your safety to a great deal and if you do happen to have a small accident that is nothing too damaging remember that the repairs on a lightweight version is often less costly than if you own something heavy duty.


Make Sure the Seat Is Just Right

Because you are a beginner it is important that you are comfortable while riding at all times. If you have to stop for a colour light while riding you might want to be able to put your feet on the ground for stability as you are new to this. If the model that you ride is too heavy and you have to balance without your feet on the ground it is easy for the cycle to tip over. Therefore make sure that the seating is at the right height. The lightweight models do not have a heavy centre of gravity which will also give you better control. The trick is to take it slow and not to do too much too fast.


What Other Features Can You Look Out For?

You can look for things like tubeless tires, valves that have self-adjusting features, wheels of aluminium as well as front and back disc brakes. These are things that will ensure your safety as opposed to a model that will not have them. If you can find these facilities know that the extra amount that you will pay for them is money well spent. They will also help you maintain your new ride better.