Save Money Through DIY Car Repairs

Repairing a car can be difficult when you don’t have the basic knowledge about it. Well it’s easy to take your car to an auto repair shop when a problem comes up but wouldn’t it be more convenient when you can fix some minor issues in your garage? Aside from saving money, it also saves time since you won’t be dragging your car into the repair shop, queue and wait until it gets done. While there are major car issues that need to be checked by an expert, there are actually minor problems that can easily be fixed at home given the right tools and equipment. Here are some of the simple auto repair tricks you can do in the garage.

Car Repair Essentials

Before trying to do any car repair, make sure you have the essential tools and equipment needed to do the task efficiently. Having screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and channel locks are helpful in doing auto repairs. You can also add jack and some safety gear for more intricate repairs. Sure, there are a lot of tools you need to have when you’re planning to be a car repair aficionado but after a few repair sessions, you’ll surely have almost everything that you need.

Also, having a car manual at hand is really useful. While most cars are almost the same, it sure makes a difference if you have a guide to look into when things get a little confusing. Make sure that the manual is specific to your car model so you’ll know exactly where to look into. When you need to replace some parts of your car, you can easily browse and buy auto spares online. Don’t risk your money by purchasing used parts from the junkyard. With new auto spares, you can be assured that it will work and last long.

Emergency Situations

Knowing how to jumpstart a dead battery helps a lot on emergency situations, especially when you’re driving out alone most of the time. Although this one’s a bit tricky, you’ll surely learn it with a little research and practice. However, if it really won’t start, it’s better to call a family or friend to tow you in instead of the truck to save in expenses.

Common Problems

One of the most common things that need your attention as a car owner is the fluids. Knowing the basics helps you diagnose problems earlier and fix it sooner. Your car’s fluids are easily identifiable by colours. If you’ve discovered a leak, dab a clean cloth or paper towel and check its colour. Green or pink fluid is coolant, yellow is for steering fluid and red is for transmission fluid. Unusual sounds should never be dismissed since they can stem from more serious problems that need immediate repair by a mechanic.

There are some car repairs that you can actually do by yourself to save time and money. However, if you’re not confident or you think it is a more serious problem, taking your car to an auto mechanic is still the best decision you make.

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