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The Importance of a Radiator in Your Car

The Importance of a Radiator in Your Car

One of the main components of the coolant system in your car will be the radiator. Needless to say, it is vital that you keep an eye on this vital part in your vehicle. Getting it checked periodically with a professional mechanic can save you on unnecessary replacement costs in the long run. An overheating engine can cause some significant damage to other internal components in your vehicle so a radiator must always be in good working condition for optimum vehicle performance because its main function is to diffuse this heat. There are some tell-tell signs for you to identify that the coolant system of your vehicle is not performing properly. Let take a look at some of these.

A Formation of Puddles

This is always a warning sign indicating that your coolant system is not at the condition it should be.  Check the color of the leak, coolant leaks are known to comprise of the colors green or orange. Use a white sheet of paper to clearly determine the color. This is indeed a sign you should not ignore as it could have disastrous effects in the long run. There are of course other liquids that drip from your vehicle, like oil or water so make sure you check exactly what the leak is.

Check the Supply of Coolant

The coolant reservoir in your vehicle is not limitless and needs to be filled periodically, some reservoirs have fill lines marked on their containers and these levels should not go below the recommended level given by the manufacturer. Topping up with a good coolant mixture is important to ensure peak performance. Your radiator hose needs a sufficient amount of coolant to do its job.

Variations in Your Temperature Gauge

This is also a strong indication that something isn’t working right. If you notice consistently high-temperature readings on your gauge do not ignore it. If the coolant level seems sufficient but you still notice high running temperature in your vehicle it probably means that the coolant or radiator needs replacement. Temperature gauges vary from vehicle to vehicle, however, the basic principles stay the same, is a must to know what all the gauges in your vehicle indicate as a driver and the temperature gauge is one of the more important ones for sure. It’s not all about getting a license and starting to drive you to know!

A Visual Inspection

If you happen to notice any signs of leakage in your coolant system, spray off any types of leakage and look to start your engine and inspect the same while it is running. Safety goggles would be an additional type of safeguard when inspecting your engine as some leaks can even spray out due to pressure. Never look to touch your engine while it is turned on. This could result in serious burns if you happen to find a leak look to trace it to its source and immediately try to fix the problem with a local mechanic you trust.