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A Single Dad’s life with Kids

A Single Dad’s life with Kids

It’s now seven years since I became a single parent. I have learnt a lot on what it entails being a single parent raising kids in the best way possible. At first, things used to be very tough for me. I didn’t have any idea what the future would be for us as a family. I wasn’t sure who the kids preferred to be with; their mother or me. Actually, it was heart-wrenching to see my kids go through all these. All I had to ensure was safety 1st for my children.

You will always be responsible for the safety 1st and well-being of your kids as a parent. It is unfair for your children to be raised by a single parent just because of the issues you and your partner had. No one will always be interested in having their kids subjected to mistakes of their relationship. However, when it reaches a point when divorce is the only solution, the kids have to be affected since they will have to be subjected to single parenthood. Kids are our gift to the world; they are a legacy. Anyone at some point is life is always interested in having a kid. Kids are the ones who will be responsible for passing your foot print.

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You will have to make lots of sacrifices when single. At first, some decisions will be difficult to make but after sometime, it will get easier. When you are divorcing, you should both put your kids’ welfare first. Most parents are known to be after their own interests forgetting the kids’ life.

As parents, the safety 1st of your children should be your main asset when on a divorce. In most cases, both parents should take responsibility to ensure that the kids are well brought up. Any parent will always have a feeling for his/her child. They always have a dream to them. Being single should not let you forget the dreams you had for your kids.

Single dads are known to get it difficult when they have to stay with the kids. Mothers are always known to spend lots of time with the kids when they were still young. Hence, most kids will always prefer to go with their mothers in case there is a break up. However, there are times when the dad will have to take the kid. Imagine performing your kids’ chores, taking some time off to play with him/ her. Something you were not used to.

Every parent knows how he/she feels for the children and what they would be interested in having safety 1st for their toddlers. You are always connected to your kid in a way just you and the kid alone know what and when to say.
One of the greatest things any dad will always enjoy is the company of his child. Today, most family units are being overtaken by working and money. The money will never buy you, love. Definitely, it will buy an imitation love style but not real love.

As a single dad, you might think that you will have plenty of time for yourself. No, that’s completely wrong. In fact, you will not have any time for yourself since you will be responsible for doing everything that you two used to do together. Safety 1st will be all that you will always think of your child.

Sally Andrews