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Are You Expecting Twins: 5 Things to Do before Delivery date

Are You Expecting Twins: 5 Things to Do before Delivery date

If you just found out that you are having twins, then this is big news and you must from the beginning start preparing for their arrival. Twins are great and special because they are two babies born on the same day and carried in one womb for a period of nine months. They share a special bond with each other than only they can fully comprehend. It is a very special time for the family and it is important that you ensure that you know how to take care of your twins and yourself during this time. This article will give you some basic tips that you must go through if you are having twins.

Managing Your Diet

It is crucial to understand that now you will be eating for 3 people that is your babies and yourself. This means that you would have to eat more but in healthy doses so that you don’t feel comfortable. Sticking to a routine and planning your meals will ensure that you get the necessary nutrients to your babies and yourself. During pregnancy, make sure that you incorporate as much folate and folic acid to your diet to prevent abnormalities and risks of preterm delivery. These foods include whole grain cereals, hummus, eggs, fish and fruits such as papaya.

Take Care of Yourself

During the pregnancy, it is important to do some exercise and stay fit even if you are carrying twins. Talk to your doctor about what kind of exercises you can take part in. It comes without saying that scheduling regular check-ups with your doctor is mandatory. Most doctors will let you know the times and dates when you should go in,so make sure that you go for each and don’t miss any appointments.


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Gathering Supplies

You will realize that the nine months will go faster than you think, so start making lists of all the baby supplies that you will need in time for your babies arrival. Keep in mind that you will need two of each item now and twice as many of everything that one baby would need. Prioritize the list so that you know what you need to buy immediately. These may include diapers, baby powders, creams, bottles,and clothes initially. Babies will grow very quickly so it would make sense to think of what they will need when they are toddlers.

Buying Baby Goodies

Having two babies can be a difficult task so getting as much help from your partner and family will help massively during the initial few years. In addition to that, getting yourself prepared for what to expect will keep you more informed on how to handle them and less stressed out. Start preparing your nursery and crib so that their environment is already set out for them. Purchase nappies, baby carriers and car seats to ensure that they are comfortable to carry around easily.

Baby-Proof Your Home

It is given that it will be harder to watch two children at once let alone one, so make sure to baby proof your home to ensure their safety at all times. Remember that they are growing up together so it is important to let them learn, play, work together in harmony but in a safe environment.