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Britax Car Seats – The Safety for Your Child

Britax Car Seats – The Safety for Your Child

Looking for high quality and safety oriented car seat for your child? Well, you need to consider a Britax car seat for your baby. Britax is one of the few top brands that frequent most car seat reviews. Products from the Britax might seem expensive to purchase when you see them for the first time. However, the Britax Roundabout is a fairly affordable car seat which every parent can afford. While many car seat brands ignore it Britax often gives special attention to impacts of safety o your child while in the car seat and they are also very easy to install. They are often taken through crash tests and this has seen them in many car seat reviews. Over time Britax has since proven itself as a good brand not only for safety but also the comfort of your child. It is tremendously easy to use as well. You will not miss this car seat from the major retail stores.

As a parent, you might be stuck between choosing Britax Marathon and Britax Roundabout. Their sizes are different and so are the prices. Britax Marathon is slightly bigger than Britax Roundabout and therefore, the former is designed for the children with a weight range of 5 to 40 lbs whereas the Britax Marathon is meant for kids who weigh from 5 to 65 lbs. Even though Britax Marathon also has more benefits and improvements it is also not easy to make a conclusion that the Marathon is better than the Roundabout. This is because the Roundabout also has advantages over the Marathon. For example, it is fairly cheaper compared to the other. Moreover, since it has a fairly smaller size, the Roundabout is ideal for aircraft travelling. In fact, it is FAA approved for kids who are age 3 and below. You only have to be prepared to get another car seat because your child might outgrow it real soon.

You can get a booster car seat which is if your child has outgrown the current one he uses. Booster car seat is installed in the back seat of your car and therefore, you shouldn’t try installing it on the front. Remember at a very tender age your child is not strong enough to withstand impacts from airbags and so the booster is only meant for kids who are 40 to 80 lbs in weight. This is why Britax released the Britax Frontier which never received so much response from consumers. Britax Frontier offers better levels of protection. However, most parents find it not so easy to install in the car. The other car seat worth noting is Britax Boulevard which is almost the same size as the Britax Marathon. It has an additional True Side Impact Protection (TSIP). Britax Monarch is also another model equipped with the EPS foam. These side wings which provide True Side Impact Protection (TSIP) just like in the case of Britax Boulevard. The Monarch is one of the most selling car seat in the market based on the fact that it is the safest.

Britax is easily the best in car seat industry standards. All parents who are concerned about the safety of their children and want to have that extra Peace of Mind should go for this brand. Families from all over the world have opted for Britax and it is no doubt that it will remain a good choice for many years to come.

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