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How to Stage the Bathroom Without Exceeding Your Budget

How to Stage the Bathroom Without Exceeding Your Budget

Lots of individuals looking for Homes for Sale tend to feel slightly uncomfortable when looking at bathrooms during home tours. They’re ready to spend several minutes perusing the bedrooms, kitchen, and living rooms, but when it comes to the bathroom, they can’t get out fast enough. It probably has to do with the fact that humans generally don’t feel comfortable sharing communal experiences in the bathroom since we all know what goes on in there.

It takes some buyers all of three seconds for them to check out the bathroom. They might not actually step inside – they view what they need to see from the doorway. And as a result, sellers have to work hours staging the place for that less-than-a-minute reaction.

Individuals that put up Colorado Springs Homes for Sale need to know the right tactics to follow when handling the bathroom area.

The First Stage

You’d need to clean the area thoroughly first before taking any further steps. Get out your rubber gloves and bleach (or any organic substitute) and start scrubbing the entire region. Get rid of any form of mold hiding in corners of the bathroom. The goal here is to make the bathroom sparkle and radiate cleanliness. It should be clean enough that you could eat something off the floor (figuratively).

Remove any personal items (prescriptions, makeup, or contact lens) from the cabinets that you don’t want the buyers to find and store them in a safe place. Get rid of old or worn out towels and rugs, remove peeling wallpapers, and re-apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls.

If there’s any need to fix dripping or leaky faucets, then do it, and also replace old knobs and handles. Colorado Springs Homes for Sale follow the suggestions to help with their sales.

The Second Stage

When putting up Colorado Springs Homes for Sale, always know the right supplies to use for the staging process. When shopping for bathroom supplies, the effect you should be aiming for is a Spa-like one. Always select items in soft and tranquil colors. It’s not crucial to spend a fortune on these accessories. Discount stores like Wal-Mart or Target have just what you need and at a discounted rate too.

Some of the accessories include;

  • Scented candles (in different sizes)
  • Towels
  • Washcloths
  • Rugs
  • Scented soaps
  • Fluffy white robe
  • Bath brushes and sponges
  • Bath salts, shampoos, lotions with antique packaging

Stage Three

After getting the supplies you need, the next step is arranging them in such a way that the bathroom doesn’t look cluttered or overcrowded. In this situation, less is better. Start by artfully arranging the towels on the rack. And then assemble a few unwrapped bars of the scented soaps and bath salts next to them.

Create a display by getting the items you bought and arranging them in odd numbers; the height of the jars and candles could vary.  Place the bathrobe on a padded hanger and fix it at the back of the shower door.

Get the new rug you bought (that’s if the old one was worn out) and place it next to the shower or bathtub. Make sure that the different color tones you use for the bathroom don’t clash with each other. Try to be creative with your arrangement so that the moment potential buyers walk in and see what you’ve done with the place they’d be tempted to make an offer immediately.

Owners of Colorado Springs Homes for Sale understand the importance of staging bathrooms.