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Gear Facts Every Horse Riders Must Know

Gear Facts Every Horse Riders Must Know

As a horseman and a skilled rider, you probably know the importance of gear more than anybody else. You and your horse, both require various types of gear when it comes to horse ride. Some these you could use occasionally, while some are considered essential every time you get on your horse.


If you think the jackets you already have aren’t completely satisfying, you may want to take a look at some of the newer items that are meant for a great horse riding experience. Jackets need to protect you while giving you some comfort and making you look good all at the same time. The type of jacket you opt for in Summer definitely won’t suit the hot Summer days.

Additionally, not all of them would look equally great on you, even if they can be very satisfying in every other way. That’s the reason you may want to look for the perfect one at one of the great stores in town.

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It is not funny that you take time when you want to pick out the right footwear for riding. It is as important as picking out any other part of riding and horse gear. Before you select a particular type of footwear, you need to think about the sort of riding you are into. When it comes to intense races for instance, you ‘d opt for stronger and comfortable boots that will make racing pain free for both you and your horse.

Head Gear

Head gear is one of the vital parts you need to focus on, irrespective of the type or the length of your ride or your race. Having the right helmet is thus, essential for all riders. As a rider, you need to be aware of the possibilities of accidents and injuries. Anything could happen during a race, therefore, you need to ensure your head is well protected with a good helmet and other helpful head gear all the time.

Horse rugs

Horse rugs are clearly a type of gear that benefits both the rider and the horse, given that you pick a good, suitable one. Even though the rug is meant for you to sit on, that is not all you would want to think about. You need to be a little concerned about how the rug would feel in your horse’s back, and how he is going to like it. It is possible that some rugs turn out to be uncomfortable, even painful to use for you, your horse, or both. Thus, it is important to keep looking until you’ve found a really good one.

Saddle pads

Saddle pads are placed over the horse, too, which is why, once again, you need to think about comfort and quality more seriously. These aren’t just meant for the rider to have an easy and comfortable riding experience, but for your horse to feel so, too. The next time you shop for saddle pads, make sure you keep all the key points in mind!