Getting Your Pool Built the Right Way

A pool can add a touch of class to any home and get  one built right in your own backyard will surely allow you and your family members to not only relax by it but to have loads of fun as well. However, it will require a considerable budget to be allocated for it, so you need to find a reliable builder who has a proven track record when it comes to building pools. Only a professional builder who has years of experience will be able to make your pool dream a reality.

 Finding Local Contractors

When it comes to getting your own pool, the first step would be to find a suitable contractor who will be able to build it according to all the necessary safety standards. Always try to find a contractor in your local area as that will allow you to ask your family and friends about their reliability. If you have no luck finding a good contractor through your social circles then you can search newspapers, business directories and even the World Wide Web. From these options, an online one is sure to be very effective as nowadays many rely on the internet to advertise their building services. This will allow you to choose a number of suitable contractors and also note down important information like name, address and contact number.

The Comparison Process

It is best to maintain these details using an excel document as it will allow you to add extra criteria related to each builder. This, in turn, will allow you to filter out the best pool builders from the rest. Once you have 10-15 builders added to the list, then it is time to rank them accordingly. Criteria like their certifications, experience in the field (usually in the number of years) and portfolios of past work will come in handy for you to perform this ranking process properly.  You can add these criteria values for each builder using the excel document which will grant you the ability to select the top candidates from the list.

The Quoting Process

Once you have your top 5 builders derived from your comparison list/sheet, you can contact them in order to get a quote. Make sure to request the quote directly so that depending on their response time and the best price they offer, you will be able to pick the ideal one from among them. Once you have made your choice, you can visit the selected builder’s office and give details on the specifics that you will require for the pool. Afterwards, the builder will do a site inspection to get an idea about the construction plan for the pool and might even make certain changes to the original quote. If you are satisfied with this, then you can give them your approval to start the building process.


But if you are not comfortable with anything you can always move on to the second builder on the list and so on until you find just the right one for the job. It will also be a wise thing to get all the details regarding the building process of the pool in writing as well.

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