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How To Choose a Ceiling Fan

How To Choose a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are an excellent way to stay cool during the summer months and valuable addition to any home’s décor year-round. Before you go out and buy a ceiling fan Adelaide, however, there are a few things you should know about them first. Read on to learn more about ceiling fans, including how to choose the right one for your needs and how to properly install it in your home.

Get the Height Right

In choosing a ceiling fan Adelaide, you’ll need to make sure it’s high enough off of the floor to move air around effectively. The general rule is that your fan should be at least 7 feet from where people will be standing while using it. For example, if you want your ceiling fan to hang above a kitchen island, measure from floor level up to where you’d like your fan and add another 7 feet for safety. If you plan on hosting large dinner parties with friends or family, find an option with lights and make sure your measurements are generous enough to keep everyone safe. That means taking into account any extensions for tablecloths or candles, which can increase falling hazards dramatically.

Size Your Fan to the Room 

If you plan to place your ceiling fan in a small room (under 150 square feet), then choose a mini-fan that measures no more than 42 inches. Mid-size fans (151 to 225 square feet) work well in medium rooms, while large fans (226 to 300 square feet) will suffice for large rooms and spaces with high ceilings. Fans come in five blade sizes: 26, 30, 38, 44 and 52 inches. The most common size is 52 inches; however, if you’re using your fan as an outdoor patio fan or near an obstruction such as furniture, it might be worth it to purchase one of the smaller blades instead. Remember not to position your ceiling fan so close to walls or furniture that air can’t circulate freely around it.

Ceiling Fan

Consider Control Options

If you want to adjust airflow direction, you’ll need to ensure your ceiling fan Adelaide comes with an attached remote. If you wish to lights, too, check that they are dimmable. Adjusting room lighting while also cooling yourself can help ease hot flashes and other uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. If you have ceiling fans without controls built-in, there are different ways to get these features. Many fans come with wall-mounted or handheld remotes that allow for easy adjustment of speed and direction. Or there are separate control units available, such as pull-chains for manual operation or table-top controllers, which can be placed nearby for easier access when sitting on the couch or bed.

Installation Options

Decide if you want to hire someone to install your ceiling fan or do it yourself. If you choose to have an electrician, do it, make sure they are familiar with your house’s wiring; otherwise, you could end up having some issues with loose connections. Once installed, ceiling fans provide more than just cooling capabilities; they can also reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable during hot summer months. Always install ceiling fans according to manufacturer instructions for optimal safety and performance. Also, be sure to use high-quality materials when replacing parts; cheap parts can lead to costly repairs later.

Shop Online

Figuring out how to choose a ceiling fan Adelaide can be confusing. There are all sorts of terms and abbreviations that may seem like they aren’t talking about anything but which refer to unique features and qualities. It doesn’t help that there are so many different types of fans. Luckily, you can cut through all of that with a guide like this one to choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your needs!