Lift Kits And Their Uses

Lift kits won’t be a term you would have heard very often. And you may have heard it before, but you would not have a proper idea about them and their uses. They can be simply stated as modification parts that help us in the process of adjusting the height of a vehicle. We can adjust the suspension or lift the body of the vehicle for this process. Mostly the lift kits are being used in vehicles like pickup trucks, jeeps, and SUVs.

By lifting the vehicle, you can gain ground clearance which would provide you a better view over other vehicles, improvement in the suspension which will enhance the quality of your ride, gives you the ability to install larger tires and wheels for your vehicle providing a larger clearance and most importantly it will give your vehicle a brand new look, making it stand out of the rest of the vehicles.

These lift kits are available in the market in different types. Mainly as Coilover, strut spacer, strut replacement, coil spring spacer, and body and suspension lift kits. It will be beneficial to have a little knowledge of them before opting to buy them. So, now we will go through the different types of lift kits in detail and have a better understanding.

Coilover lift kits

A Coilover is considered a spring that has been fixed around a strut. These lift kits are said to be a little expensive compared with the spacer lift kits. One of the things to be concerned about when buying a Coilover lift kit is that it almost looks like a spacer lift kit. Use of this lift kit will increase the performance of your vehicle and these would be ideal for off-roading.

Strut spacer lift kits

Strut spacer lifts kits can be considered the most common type of lift kit. Adding to that it is more special because it is the cheapest lift kit available on the market and also the easiest to be installed without much of a hassle. These types of lift kits help in the process of adding a spacer block above the strut in your vehicle. So, it can raise the vehicle over the suspension system.

Lift Kits
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Strut replacement lift kits

Strut replacement lift kits could be named as lift kits similar to Coilover kits. These types of lift kits are used to replace a total strut component which would help to create a lift.

Coil spring spacer lift kits

A coil spring spacer will also help in the process of adjusting the height of a lift kit as same as a Coilover kit. The main thing done by these types of lift kits is creating a spring compression that will result in an increase in the spring rate.

Body lift kits

Body lift kits are one of the special types of lift kits on the market, but this method of raising up a vehicle consumes a lot of time comparing the use of other types of lift kits.

Suspension lift kits

These types of lift kits are the most famous type of lift kits. They allow raising the vehicle as high as the driver feels comfortable enough. Ford ranger lift kit is an ideal example of this type of lift kit. Most importantly they use larger-sized tires and a wheel combination as well compared to the other types.

So, these are the main types of lift kits available in the market.

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