Review Of The Zero Tolerance 0452cf | Buyer’s Guide

Working with the Zero Tolerance 0452CF knife would be a pleasure. This sturdy folding knife, in particular, is designed to do real lifting thanks to its advanced features. For the most part, it can be used as a regular carry knife as well as a defensive knife. The Speed Safe supported opening mechanism, which allows for one-handed opening, is one of the model’s standout features.

It also has a well-balanced and lightweight nature that makes it ideal for nature lovers, first responders, technicians, and knife enthusiasts.

Zero Tolerance 0452cf Knife Features And Benefits

Blade That Is Both Strong And Compact

The ZT 0452 is a compact variant of the ZT 0454, close to its lightweight sibling the ZT 0450. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a midsized pocketknife that can be used on a daily basis. This model includes a drop point CPM-S35VN blade that performs exceptionally well when slicing hard materials and conducting other basic jobs. The blade is about 3.4 inches long, which is adequate for performing daily tasks both indoors and out.

Ergonomically Built Handle

Next, this style includes a realistic design with improved detailing, resulting in a clean appearance with which you will immediately fall in love. The handle is made of tightly woven reinforced carbon strands, resulting in a tremendously strong yet flexible handle. With strong bonding carbon fiber braids, you can anticipate years of reliable results. Even better, the carbon materials are extremely thin, lowering the total weight.

Zero Tolerance 0452cf

Locking Mechanism That Is Optimal

The quality mechanism on the Zero Tolerance 0452cf knife ensures quick, seamless blade deployment and safe locking. Caged ball bearings are included in this prototype, allowing for smooth knife deployment whenever the need arises. This department, unlike the overrated blade deployment system, has a ball-bearing opening system that you can use with one hand.

One of the benefits of the ball bearing device is that it allows the pivot to rotate freely. This ensures that the blade comes out of the handle easily and rapidly with just a slight amount of effort on the thumbs studs or flipper.

Pocket Clip That’s Easy To Use

The Zero Tolerance 0452cf knife also has a handy pocket clip that makes it easy to bring from one location to another. For starters, the materials used to make this pocket clip are the same as those used to make the sword. This guarantees top-notch results for years to come.

The pocket clip then has a steel pin that connects it to the knife’s handles and tang. This makes sure it doesn’t fall loose over time. Similarly, the clip is removable, allowing you to hold the knife in a variety of tip positions. Finally yet importantly, we adore the flipper, which just takes a small amount of force to unleash the weapon. True, but what really sets this device apart is that once the blade is activated, it serves as a finger guard, preventing the hands from touching with the blade while in operation.


The award-winning Zero Tolerance 0452cf Knife is the product of collaboration between the well-known ZT brand and Dmitry Sinkevich, a specialty knife designer. This incredible pocketknife has everything you’ll ever need. Even better, the functionality can be tailored to your specific requirements. These versions might be your best option if you’re looking for a discreet, more compact, and sturdy pocketknife that you can utilize in a range of situations.

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