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How to Maintain Your Commercial Cleaning Products

How to Maintain Your Commercial Cleaning Products

When most people think of commercial cleaning products maintenance, they often think of inventories of chemicals and other products which can be used in cleaning an office. While this is certainly something you should consider as part of good business practice, it is also important to keep in mind that you may need to take stock of and track the state and efficiency of your cleaning machines as well.

For instance, if your team is responsible for cleaning a large office building with many floors, then you may need to keep track of 15-20 industrial vacuum cleaners. You would need to record information about their date of purchase, last time they were serviced, current condition, any faults and errors and the state of the dust bag. Additionally, you may need to have a stock of dust bags on hand so that they can be replaced as needed without fail and in some cases, it can pay to have common parts in stock as well that frequently go awry.

Keeping It All Together

Keeping tabs of your cleaning equipment can be difficult, but there are many computerised software tools available to help you out. Liaise with your company’s network administrator or software developers to help them find solutions that you can use easily to do your maintenance and tracking work of your department’s cleaning equipment assets.

Training and Getting the Right Staff

Of course, you will not be able to manage your cleaning equipment – especially if you are working for a company with several buildings – if you do not have the right staff for the job. Think about the various training sessions that staff will need to go through if they are learning to use a computerised maintenance system for the first time and factor this into the cost of your department’s cleaning needs.