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The Benefits of Using Ball Point Pens

The Benefits of Using Ball Point Pens

Consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to pens these days, so making the right decision in regards to which pen type is right for you can sometimes be difficult. The different types of pens available include ball point pens, fountain pens, roller pens and gel pens. This article will provide information on ball point pens and list a number of their benefits.

Ball Point Pens Last Longer than Ink Pens

One great benefit of ball point pens is that they last much longer than ink pens. This means that not only will they not need to be filled as often, but you also won’t have to stop writing in the middle of an important sentence, possibly ruining your train of thought. If you’re looking for a pen that has an edge in terms of lifespan, look no further than the humble ball point pen.

Ball Point Pens Dry Fast

It’s a fact that ball point pens dry faster than ink pens, which means there’s a greatly reduced chance of smudging occurring and your work being ruined. It also means your workflow is going to be much faster, as you won’t have to stop after each line to let the ink dry.

Ball Point Pens are Easier to Use

Compared to ink pens, ball point pens are a breeze to use and require little or no practice to master. Essentially, ball point pens are very user-friendly, and anyone who knows how to write can pick one up and get right down to work, which means no wasted time.

Ball Point Pens Don’t Stain Clothes Easily

Users of ball point pens don’t often wind up with ink stains on their clothing, and this is due to the design of the device. Ink pens, on the other hand, can be very messy, especially in the hands of someone who has had no experience using one. If you plan on moving your pens often, then it’s wiser to invest in ball point pens over ink pens, as ink pens and their associated ink pots are much more likely to leak then a ball point pen.

Ball Point Pens are Cheaper

If you’re looking for an economical writing solution, ball point pens are the answer. Thanks to modern technological advancements, ball point pens can be made very cheaply, with these savings often passed onto the consumer.

Ball Point Pens Cause Less Hassle

For sheer ease of use and a hassle-free experience, ball point pens can’t be beaten. Not only do users of ink pens have to wait for the ink left by their pen of choice to dry, but they also have to refill their pens and run the risk of messy spills.

Ball point pens are the obvious choice of pen for those who wish to simply enjoy a hassle-free writing experience. Ball point pens are also great value for money and can be used by almost anyone without too much trouble.