How Embedded Ties Transfer Benefits Through Networks

Embedded networks allow energy on selling in multi-tenant facilities. The energy on selling allows owners of the embedded network to buy energy in bulk and on sale to the occupants within their embedded network at a discounted rate. The development of embedded network offers the following key benefits.

·         Reduced ongoing non recoverable cost in most common areas

·         Reduced energy cost for tenants with pricing that energy retailer cannot match for small to medium sized clients.

·         Reduced power cost-embedded networks are established to physically aggregate the energy consumed within a complex to a single metered point.

·         Sub-meters measure tenants’ and common area consumption using the latest in smart interval meter technology.

·         Smart meters offer the tenants a better understanding of their energy consumption with access to data through an online portal.

·         Savant energy and embedded networks

·         Savant energy is able to offer the following services in relation to embedded networks:

·         The identification, establishment, evaluation and management of energy on selling in embedded networks.

·         Funding of the project

·         Preparation of the monthly billing for tenants

·         Compliance with all regulatory conditions as set down by the Australian energy regulator.

·         Management and monitoring

·         Financial responsibility for the profitability of the embedded network

·         How embedded ties transfer benefits through networks: Relationship in banking and the Firms Strategic use of Trade Credit.

 The mechanism through which social ties and networks help actors to transcend the limitations of the internal capabilities is the main component of the theory of social organization. One key mechanism is about how the competencies and resources of a single actor in a network are transferred to another actor who uses them to facilitate transactions with a third actor.

 Buildings on a social embeddedness approach is argued that actors linked through embedded ties gain extra ordinary governance and access benefits which promotes the resources flow and competencies which in value their separate third party relationships. These arguments are examined in the context of small firm financing networks. This eyes how the embeddedness of a firm’s commercial banking transaction in attachment of social facilities’, its acquisition of resources and competencies that promote its strategic use of trade credit financing.

 They relied upon the theory and original fieldwork to develop the arguments and used quantities strategies and a separate large scale data set to examine the representatives of their hypothesis. It found that embedded bank firm relationships provided three key crucial resources to firms: supplier referrals, financial expertise, and term credit. These factors increased the amount of due payment discounts and decreased the amount of penalties of late payment on trade credit taken by the firm.

Embedded networks established at commercial properties which must utilize a network operator, registered with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). It undertakes the implementation and day to day management of the network to ensure accurate and timely collection of revenue and the managing churn as tenants sign up to embedded network or choose to leave and change a child metering point.

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