How children never cease to amaze the rest of us

Every habit – either good or bad, tends to start from home. It would either be set as an example by a parent, sibling or relative and then onwards the individual who witnessed this, would take this as a learning experience and follow the same footsteps. Which would be why most children tend to possess similar behavioural practices as their parents, this could also be due to genetics but there are the few odd times that it is quite clear that the children have learned by observing someone else. As it is the parents or the elders that would be the ones setting the example for the growing children, it would be common sense to be on best exemplary behaviours and act in such a way that they would not mislead the child.

Teaching yourself

Some children to tend to pick up habits and practices by themselves, this could be something that they came up with in their minds or it could simply be something that they saw on television. It does tend to be quite odd when this happens, but in the change, for the better, the parents have nothing to worry about. Children are fast learners, which is why most child doctors and professional in the child psychology, often advise parents to surround their children with items and devices that the child could easily learn from. For instance, it would a wise idea to hand the child a: children reading a book since a young age in order to get them into the habit of reading, their books could start from level one of reading and with time become a thing of the much more advanced level. All the adults would need to do would be to teach them the basics and from there on, the children would know how things work.


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Educating someone else

Children are quick to grab the opportunity to share the little knowledge that they possess, for instance, if a child was taught about waste management at an early age, he or she would not hesitate to educate their peers about this new slice of information that they have been taught. They are like little walking encyclopedias that are editing and adding more bits of information with each passing hour. This is something astounding to witness and tends to leave most parents quite flabbergasted as sometimes they would come to realize that their child has quite a quick grasping speed for new information.

It’s our world

This is where we live, so as adults – the parents, teachers and other elders in a child’s life have the responsibility to try and plant the seeds of knowledge in child’s mind. They must ensure that their children are on the right path and that they would someday be helping the world be a better place, both economically as well ethically. As both these points are extremely important if the world is to go on and if us human are to last much longer. Teach them to love and fight, to share and rejoice, to be happy with what they have been given. Try to lessen any thoughts of greed and hate in theyoung minds, do not corrupt but instead cleanse.

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