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What are the five types of renewable energy?

What are the five types of renewable energy?

There are five main types of renewable energy : solar, energy wind , the water power , the biomass and geothermal . Their common characteristic is not to produce of emissions polluting (or little), and thus help fight against the greenhouse effect .

The photovoltaic or solar thermal

Solar energy is produced by the radiation of the sun . We distinguish the photovoltaic energy which is obtained directly from the radiation of the solar thermal uses the heat from the radiation.

The air originally wind energy

The ancestors of wind mills are the wind . The turbines produce energy, electricity for example, from the displacement of bodies of air .

Hydropower thanks to ocean currents

The hydraulic energy is obtained directly by water, either from tides and ocean currents, waves, the encounter of freshwater and saltwater. The ocean thermal energy , which comes from the temperature difference between deep waters and surface waters, is also used.

The energy biomass from organic matter

Energy Biomass includes wood , the biofuels (derived from plants such as rapeseed or beet) or the biogas . This energy is produced by burning or metabolizing organic matter.

Tapping energy from the ground, geothermal

The geothermal energy is a renewable energy from extraction of the energy contained in the soil. It can be used for heating, but also for the production of electricity. This is one of the only energy not dependent on atmospheric conditions.



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