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Practical Gift Giving: A Dozen Cool Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mom-To-Be!

Practical Gift Giving: A Dozen Cool Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Mom-To-Be!

A baby shower is a party for gift-giving by friends and family to the expecting mother and her to-be-born baby!  It is a joyous celebration of an expected birth of a baby as well as the transformation of a woman into a mother!

Have you ever wondered what to buy for a baby shower of your friend or family member?  Here are a dozen cool ideas that suit both the baby and mother;

1.  A Super-Cute Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is the only device that can give new mothers their peace of mind.  The latest baby monitors record video and audio, provides the 2-way wireless talk, functions as a night lamp and plays lullabies too!  Choose one with special features according to your budget!

2.  Baby Blankets

A set of baby blankets in neutral colours can be a great gift to welcome the little bundle of joy!  In cases where the sex of the baby is already known, gift them in pink and white for sweet baby girls and blue and black for interesting baby boys.

3. Hand-Made Gifts For Baby

Hand-sewn or knitted cardigans, caps and hats, booties and socks are much appreciated by moms-to-be, not only for their pretty look but also for the love that has gone into making them!

4. Skincare Set

From the onset of pregnancy, sleepless nights for the future-moms are not new!  Compliment her with a set of skincare products to realize her worth!

5. A Pair Of Flat Pumps

Motherhood brings lots of changes in women.  Swollen feet is one of them!  New moms are usually tired of walking with swollen feet in sneakers.  A pair of flat comfortable pumps can be one of the most practical gifts she can ever get!

6. A Set Of Delicate Earrings

A set of delicately designed earrings, both in pretty pastels and basic black and white are the perfect gift for the young mum-to-be who now has a soft coloured collection of maternity clothes.

7. A Functional Baby Nappy Bag

A nappy bag is a must-have item for every mom-to-be!  Gifting a designer nappy bag that is full of features to make available to her and her baby everything she needs right at her fingertips is indeed a thoughtful gesture! Nowadays, designer baby nappy bags come with special features such as a water-resistant finish, thermal bottle holder, portable change mat and stroller straps.  They also come as satchels, totes and travel nappy bags.

8. Baby Jackets

Woollen baby jackets with snap fastenings are practical gifts for a winter baby that can keep her warm during winter!

9. A Status-Marked Gold Necklace

Give her a delicate gold necklace with the ornate word “mom” for the pendant!  She’ll want to wear it ASAP and show it off!

10. First-5-Years Baby Memory Book

A baby’s life is full of exciting events and milestones that deserve to be recorded by the proud parents!  It is a great way to look back on old photos!

11. A Diaper Caddy For Peak Organization

An organizational caddy with multiple pockets or sections will become handy at the changing table for baby.  Nappies, nappy-rash cream or ointment, as well as the pretty pastel nappy pins, can be easily reached by mom in a jiffy!

12. A Sleep Mask

A dark sleep mask for mom may be the ideal thing to combat all those sleepless nights after baby!