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How a Man Can Steal the Spotlight

How a Man Can Steal the Spotlight

It is sometimes a pity that, when there’s a wedding to look forward to, the spotlight automatically falls over the lady, or the bride-to-be. All the excitement, the thrill, the fascination and the attention tends to revolve around her alone that it hardly occurs to people that there’s also a man involved, who deserves equal amounts of importance, attention and care!

One of the little-known facts is that men have their butterflies too, and their share of joy, fantasies and most of all, they look forward to their wedding day not any less than a woman does. However, as much as he does look forward to the biggest event of his life, there isn’t much he could contribute inwedding planning. But what he can do is start working on getting that prince charming look onto sweep his lady off her feet once again, on that special day.


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Suit up!

Getting the outfit sorted would be the foremost thing. Apart from considering your preferences alone, you might want to find out what suits you the best and that includes all aspects of clothing including, style, colour, type and so on. For instance, you might really want to get into a tuxedo for some extra class on your wedding day, but there might be other styling options that could really compliment you much better than what you fancy.

If you look for men’s suits online and go a little further into wedding-wear or so, there’s likely to be a host of collections of different types and brands, and you have the convenience of filtering them through based on solely your requirement. There’s also a range of prices available to pick from. Once you’ve specified your requirement, all available options will be shown in accurate detail. And if you still want to know more, you can always call them up and visit their store in person.


The wedding outfit would be incomplete without a few accessories, which is also a matter of concern. Wristwatches, cufflinks, and footwear will need some attention, too, but can be dealt with only after you’ve picked your suit. Accessories need to compliment your clothing in terms of colour, texture and suitability. If you’re lucky, you might be able to bag them all at one place along with your outfit. Most stores usually help you with your entire wardrobe and have almost everything you’d need when it comes to wedding attire. Perfume and toiletries can be considered, too, but can be saved for the last as they obviously aren’t possessions for display.

Personal Care

The groom needs to give himself some extra care too. Advice on physical health, a healthy diet, and skin and hair treatment must go out to both the bride and the groom. It’s the time for them both to get in the mood and start taking steps and advice to look their best at their wedding. Obviously, it isn’t something that could be achieved overnight. It is in fact a process and requires commitment. Men, however, give a lot of care to their hair. They have their own way of styling it up, and specific products they use for maintenance. When it comes to their wedding, they are likely to have separate plans for skincare and a makeover!

Men can be a lot different from women by default. They are like two species that can never get along. But, there are times where we’d need to give it a thought or two before we could go on and discriminate.

Sally Andrews