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How to have A Perfect Body: 4 Foods to Eat

How to have A Perfect Body: 4 Foods to Eat

Tired of having to constantly eat the same thing (pasta morning, afternoon and evening)? You also wonder  how to have a perfect body? Well, to help you along the way, I want to give you some ideas of recipes and foods that will make you happy. And I’ll also reveal to you the things that must be avoided to stay healthy and build a beautiful silhouette.

OK, without further delay, let’s starts the main course…

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1. Who else wants chicken?

Chicken meat is probably one of the best meats. It contains a lot of protein for very little fat! It is ideal for those who want to build muscle without gaining too much fat.

Important! I’m not talking about chickens nuggets you can find at McDonald’s! Here they present no nutritional value and, therefore, consume occasionally.

Roast chicken is also very good for your health (good amount of protein). It also contains many good elements such as vitamins B6, phosphorus, and potassium.

2. From raw salmon for these essential fatty acids

Still a very good source of protein and essential fatty acids (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated)

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I suggest you cook with steam because it is one of the best ways to not delete all the right nutrients it contains. (Unlike the stove or in the oven)

You can take both breakfasts and lunch at noon for example! Here is a recipe that you could easily achieve; it is a salad with salmon paste smoke.


3. From the cabbage for its energy density

There is a golden rule if you want to have a balanced diet: following the model pyramid This means eating a lot early in the day and the evening light.

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For example in your diet fat loss, you can incorporate into your meal white cabbage tonight. It contains a lot of water and will help you feel fuller while having consumed a very small volume of food.


4. Pasta and Rice for complete starch

Every good athlete should consume starchy (carbohydrate sources). Overall, rice and pasta are good foods.

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But be careful to choose the pasta and rice complete rather than pasta and white rice, because of the too high glycemic index of these.


How to have a perfect bodyThings to Avoid to stay healthy…

Overall, you must keep in mind the idea of balance. You cannot, if you aim to build muscle, eat at every meal of meat + eggs + potatoes.  You will create an imbalance and unfortunately it is your liver and your kidneys that are likely to take a hit by transforming the extra calories into fat.

Playing sports, your body asks you more energy, which is normal! It just should not make him do an overdose of protein or carbohydrate as do many people. You risk in addition to taking the fat very quickly.

And it’s the same if you want to lose weight. You should never deprive your body of what it needs. Continue to consume fats, preferably in the morning, while focusing on type of omega-3 fats (fish …)

And it is the same with carbohydrates, so do not just stop at the risk of your weight to the yoyo.



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