The Best Places to Eat In Australia

Australia has been one of the most visited touristic locations lately. The Sydney opera house, the Great Barrier Reef and the magnificent Australian crocodiles are some of the few things that the country offers. But today we are not talking about the places to visit but rather the places to eat if you are in Victoria Australia.

A Restaurant with a View

The Yarra valley restaurants in the Levantine hill is located on a wine estate. Here you can take the tour of the yard and learn how the grapes are converted into wine.  Their cellar holds some of the oldest and finest wines. For those food lovers, the restaurant serves some of the most amazing food which is perfectly matched with the wines along with the most spectacular view of the vineyard is a complete gastronomic adventure.

Proud MaryIs A Must Visit

This isn’t a restaurant but a coffee shop. They have set up their coffee joints everywhere around Melbourne but one of their busiest location is in Collingwood. Rumours has it that they roast some of the best coffee in Australia. Their coffee beans are directly imported from Asia and Africa. A cup of coffee in this restaurant with a light meal of a ricotta or a sandwich is sure way to start your morning right.

Burger Theory for Those Fast-Food Lovers

We all know how much Australia loves its burgers. This one American food has found its way into every single street in Aussie land. But even with so many burger joints Burger Theory tends to stand out from the rest. It has started off as a food truck inAdelaide and due to its unique taste has a way into the city. They have a wide range of both non-veg and veg burgers and their main secret ingredient lies in their sauce.  If in Australia be sure to check this place out.

Jack Rabbit

This restaurant is around a 2 hour drive from the city in the Bellarine Peninsula which is most famous for its local produce which includes vineyards for winemaking. Here you can indulge in some of the most amazing mussels with fried potatoes, some fish and chips served with a side of coleslaw made with the local produce and wine to compliment the food. The best thing about this restaurant is the view of bay area. Whether you are on a date or a casual hangout session you can’t go wrong with this place.

Minamishima- Japanese Cuisine For The Win

No culinary adventure is complete without a sushi restaurant. This Japanese food which has got a mainstream recognition has become a favourite in all parts of the world including Australia. The master chef Koichi Mishima is a true expert in the art of sushi making. With 25 years of experience he has been serving the best sushi in the country. No wonder his restaurant counter books up months in advance.

Australia is unique from the rest of the world. With its deep history fused with immigration has made their culture very diverse. This kind of reflection can also be seen in their food.  If Australia is going to be your next destination you have to check out the above-mentioned restaurants.

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