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Choosing Wall Decor for Your Home

Choosing Wall Decor for Your Home

When it comes to home décor, wall art and wall décor is one of the most common things we turn to. It is the perfect way to fill lengths and lengths of empty walls and add character to your home. But not every piece of décor will match your wall or will fit in with the rest of your interior décor. This is why you need to pay attention to the following areas when you are buying wall décor.


Where are you going to hang your decoration? Is it your living room or bedroom? Is it the office room? Depending on the place, you will have to think of different pieces. For example, if you are getting your family photos framed to use them as wall decor, or create an aesthetic photo wall, then this will suit your living room or a corridor perfectly but will not suit a kitchen. A nice painting will go well with both the living room and bedroom.


You might have one interior décor theme for the entire house or have different themes for different rooms. This means the kind of decoration you choose has to match the theme as well. For example, if you have a rustic looking brick wall in one room, this gives you more ideas than just pictures to decorate.

Instead you can opt for plants – natural or artificial, or other industrial looking pieces. If your theme is more modern or contemporary, then something like an abstract art will be more suitable. If it is an old office room, you can have antique clocks or a wall of old classics. Don’t just sticks to paintings alone and instead try out different options.


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When it comes to interior decoration n size matters a lot. Not choosing the right sized item can ruin the entire layout of the home’s interior sometimes. Something too big can get in the way of the rest of the décor and something too small can leave the space looking empty.

If you are shopping for new items to decorate your walls with, then measuring your walls or the space you are going to decorate would be a great idea. If you are planning to have more than one item hanging on your wall, then remember to also consider the spaces between each piece of art. Never cram too many pieces on the same wall space ever!


Add colours that do not match or complement each other on the wall can lead to an art disaster. Not only will this waylay the entire look of a place but it can also be very hard to the eye of you are not careful with the colours. Always remember to consider the colours of your walls or furniture when matching art with them. Especially paintings or photographs.

Sometimes colour is also relevant when you are thinking of the theme. Bright neon colours will not suit an industrial or rustic theme. A contemporary house will requiresubtler and neutral shades.Bright colours will suit homes or rooms that have a more urban and modern flair.

So, when you are shopping, do not pick the first thing that catches your eye. Instead, remember to match and complement your decoration so that the overall appearance will look neat and on point.