Detoxification: Make Clean Your Body

Your body does frown? You feel tired, lack enthusiasm, sometimes have trouble sleeping? You have small buttons, bags under the eyes or cellulite? Many signals that show that you are overwhelmed. This is not surprising, stretched as we are on a diet too rich, a sedentary lifestyle and steadily increasing air pollution.

Natural Lifting is as sophisticated as the liver and lymphatic system, they are faced today with a glut of toxins to which they are often unable to cope.” The solution? Enjoying the spring to follow a “cure detoxification.” Specifically, it is to rid the blood and lymph of all accumulated toxic sediments.

You can choose between consolidate care that followed ten days for a cure express or spread smoothly over a month. Express treatment is recommended if you have already practised a detoxification cure the previous year (a cure per year is more than enough) or if you have a great lifestyle every day. Anyway, remember that the first days will not necessarily be a cakewalk, and do not worry, fatigue, mood swings, headaches and minor skin problems are sometimes appointments you. They are a sign that the toxins are being eliminated. Beware; however, this type of program is for people in good general health. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any doubts about your ability to undertake it.

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Lemon to stimulate the liver
The liver is a priority organ in the detoxification process because of its many functions; it is primarily responsible for eliminating waste and neutralizes toxins circulating in the body. To stimulate start your day by drinking fresh lemon juice mixed with warm water. If one knows the stimulating and antiseptic lemon, less is known that it is remarkably effective for boosting congested livers.





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Dandelion to relieve kidney
The kidneys filter the blood to seven litres per hour, eliminating through urine, useless or harmful substances. Dandelion, nicknamed the “big cleaning”, facilitates their elimination function. You can, of course, eat it in salads. Herbalist, advises preparing the herbal tea, associated with fumitory, rosemary and nettle (four pinches of each in half a litre of water) to drink in the day. Dandelion is also in powder capsules “freeze-ground” (pharmacies).




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Rice to expel toxins
If it is necessary to “unclog” the liver and kidneys, it is also important to give them a break by avoiding the absorption of new toxins. Will you have the will, to remove, during the cure, meat, cheese (except the sheep, more digestible), eggs, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, plus bread and milk? These foods actually require more effort to the body to be digested. To compensate, put the dishes in the great and fun to prepare fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, associated with fish, cereals, nuts…

Another preferred food is rice. Thanks to its high potassium levels, it stimulates the expulsion of toxins.


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Baths to the magnesium salt to sweat
Rediscover the virtues of Epsom salt, formerly named “doctor salt”. This magnesium salt (in pharmacies and health food stores) is deemed to activate the process of sweating and detoxification of the body. Mix one pound of salt in a hot bath; relax fifteen minutes in water, then massage in with a washcloth.

On leaving the bath, wrap yourself in a terry bathrobe. Profuse sweating and a great feeling of tiredness can follow so you’d better take this bath in the evening, at a rate of twice a week (except during the period of menstruation).


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Scrubs to illuminate skin
When the liver and kidneys are overstretched, the skin eventually serves as discharge to overflow waste accumulated in the blood. Not only do these toxins produce free radicals that accelerate ageing, but they impede blood circulation, guarantees a smooth skin, firm and bright.

Good gesture on dry skin before bathing, rub for a few minutes with a firm bristle brush or loofah (vegetable sponge). Always start with the feet and then up towards the upper body. Every gesture is performed to the heart, without moving back and forth. For the face, use a dry washcloth. Finally, every three days, perform a scrub with a suitable cream.



A cream to protect against pollution

Exposed to pollution, our skin ends up out of breath, tightness, redness, haggard…

Two solutions: offer your skin the means to defend themselves through the provision of antioxidants that will help fight against free radicals (green tea cream or vitamin E), or favouring assets capable of capturing and neutralizing harmful molecules on edge. Hard to keep a promise, pollutants are manifold.

Lymphatic drainage to eliminate
Lymph glands secrete what the Greeks called “white blood”. Lymph indeed contains white blood cells, which are responsible for absorbing dead cells and toxins to eliminate them. A lymphatic drainage is a form of massage designed to give a boost to a sluggish lymphatic system by stimulating the glands in the neck, armpits, the groin, back of the knees and arms. It is normally performed by a physiotherapist. Count to ten for “visible” outcome.

A colonic irrigation to regenerate
This is a sort of washing of the intestine, performed with filtered water using injected through a pipe via the rectum and for eliminating any waste in the colon. This colonic irrigation (or hydrotherapy) provides a feeling of well-being while eliminating the problems of constipation and flatulence.


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Herbal tea to purify
If your body is craving purity drink priority water (not less than one and a half litres per day). Also try the infusions (one cup per day) to birch or orthosiphon, two queens plants disposal. The first, diuretic and “filters out” are recommended for water retention. The second great drainer of the body helps to lower cholesterol.




Purify, why?

Can I access to a better life by purifying the body and soul? Or counteract the violence of the world by a form of inner purity? Of the questions, we ask ourselves facing the multitude of books and products extolling the virtues of detoxification. American and English go further, praising the “mind detox” and “home detox” (detoxification of the mind and of the house) in many books and websites devoted to the subject…

Everyone tries to compensate and reassurance by their limited resources. That is why we see the emergence of detoxification programs, spa treatments, the significance of the theme of water, the explosion of the market for essential oil diffusers or air ionizers.

Movement to promote circulation
No wellness program without physical activity. Because the movement is the best way to activate blood circulation, it helps to eliminate toxins through the lungs (breathing) and sweating, and exercise benefits the lymphatic system. In contrast to the blood, lymph does not have a pump which propels the body; its movement is therefore based on the movements of the body. You do not have a choice: run or walk faster … thirty minutes a day.
In the end, light complexion, gently sloping cellulite, increased energy, found sleep reward you for your efforts.


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