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Seeing a Gynaecologist: When and Why?

Seeing a Gynaecologist: When and Why?

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As a woman, you might already have heard that visiting a gynaecologist or an OB-GYN is necessary once you reach a particular age. But if you already have a family doctor that you visit and consult for medical needs, is this really a necessary. The answer is yes. It is still necessary for a woman to visit an OB-GYN and have a regular visit schedule. Keep reading to find out why and when you need to visit your OB-GYN.

Why Not the Family Doctor?

So why is it essential that a woman visit an OB-GYN specifically? This is because your regular doctor is for issues such as chronic diseases, regular check-ups and tests on your overall health and for common medical issues such as a sore throat or a fever.

But an OB-GYN is specifically a doctor specialised in women’s reproductive issues. If you have any health problem related to your reproductive system or need to consult a doctor on reproductive health, an OB-GYN is who you must go to. Anyone with female organs is recommended to see an OB-GYN for better reproductive health.

Why See an OB-GYN

There are specific instances that would require you to go to a reproductive health specialist. Any issue relating to your reproductive organs – breasts, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and vulva – will need to be treated with them.

In addition, if there are specific complications related to menstruation (such as polycystic ovaries or hormonal issues), pregnancy and fertility, concerns on your sexual activities including contraceptives, issues concerning sexual abuse are all concerns that needs the consultation with a gynaecologist.

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When to Start Visiting

In addition to the specific instances mentioned above, there needs to be regular OB-GYN visits at least once a year. This is to ensure your reproductive health and identify complications if there are any.

A woman needs to visit an OB-GYN once she is between eighteen to twenty-one years of age or when she starts becoming sexually active. Age of 21 is also the recommended age to start pap smears (regardless of sexual activities or contraceptive needs). A pap smear or a pap test is a procedure done to test for cervical cancer in women.

Identifying cervical cancer symptoms at an early stage gives a better chance at curing it. So, if you still haven’t had our first OB-GYN visit, start today. Just enter ‘gynecologist Melbourne’ on your search engine and you will find hundreds of results. All you have to do is call the most suitable choice of specialist and make an appointment.

OB-GYN Visits for Young Girls

But there are also instances that younger girl will need gynaecologist consultation. For example, issues like delayed puberty are something that needs to be treated with a specialised doctor. Delays in puberty is identified through symptoms such as the lack of changes in the breast tissues before reaching 14 years of age or lack of a menstrual cycle before 16. Another reason for a girl to visit an OB-GYN is severe pains during menstruation (enough to affect daily activities such as missing school), difficulties in wearing period products or even contraceptive needs.

Reproductive health is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to female body. However, it is also one of the most important areas of health for women. Instead of waiting for a specific issue to show, it is necessary to start seeing an OB-GYN early.