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How To Clean Your Liver Naturally

How To Clean Your Liver Naturally

The liver is an important organ! Indeed, its role is critical to the health of the entire metabolism! If there is any element that disturbs its operation, all other organs are affected. That is why we must be especially careful when it comes to taking care of his liver!


As you know, the toxins are compounds that are precise to undermine the various functions of the body. If you do not put it, they are likely to raise and turn into poison up to unbalance your vital signs. Also from time to time, there is no harm to detoxify your body and put the record straight so that every member and every organ returns to duty on a good basis! To do this, you can either opt for medicinal solutions that may prescribe a doctor is testing this natural and highly effective remedy. The cure will not last more than 48 hours and will effectively reduce fatigue of the liver.

To carry out this homemade treatment, you will Epsom salt, extra virgin olive oil and grapefruit. If you suffer from low blood pressure, drop Epsom salt: it might make you more harm than good. In a bowl, mix Epsom salt with 5 ml of water. Divide the mixture obtained in 4 portions individually as you keep in the refrigerator.

Here is how to take place 2 days of treatment:



Whether for breakfast or lunch, it is advisable not to eat or dairy products or foods high in fat. Opt instead for meals consisting of fruits and vegetables rich in fibre, vitamins and natural antioxidants. Also, remember to drink as often as possible to naturally cleanse your body … At 14h, stop eating and drinking until 18 pm. At that time, consume the first portion of Epsom salt preparation and try playing with 2 large glasses of water. Do the same thing a second time to 20 hours.

Around 21:45, mix 250 ml in a pitcher of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and 150 ml of olive oil. Drink preparation once while standing and then go lie on your back for 20 minutes for the treatment to take effect!



The second day of the cure is a little more technical because you will need to strictly follow this schedule

Get up at 6 am to consume the third portion of Epsom salt and two large glasses of water. Lie down for 10 minutes before going about your business. Do the same at 8 am with the last portion. Around 10 am ready fresh fruit juices without added sugar or sweeteners. At 11 am, eat a fruit to overcome a little hungry. As for the lunch and dinner, eat light and low-fat dishes. Before the end of the day, you feel the need to go to the toilet. You will certainly notice the presence of small floating stones. This is the bile from the liver. Your body is now clean as a whistle!



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