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Plant-Based Best Supplements: Do They Work?

Plant-Based Best Supplements: Do They Work?

The desire to build more muscle mass and enrich your body with nutritional and protein supplements can sometimes bring you to an ethical conundrum. This is a common scenario for strict vegetarians and vegans. Substances like protein are typically based on dairy and meat products, the latter is a definite no-no for vegans while dairy products may still be acceptable for vegetarians.

Unfortunately, a vegan diet makes it a little more of an effort to maintain a generally fit body, let alone enormous muscle mass. The average woman would require a minimum between 50 and 60 grams of protein to maintain general health. Meanwhile, the average man requires a daily protein intake between 60 and 70 grams. However, that amount escalates beyond 90 grams for both genders in the interests of building more muscle mass.

Depending on sources of protein that are exclusively based on plants is a tough standard to maintain. Vegans, for example, are completely detached from the established range of protein supplements such as Whey and Creatine which help consumers increase their muscle mass at a rapid rate.


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While there are plants that do have elements of protein in them, they are not quite as concentrated as they would be in meat and dairy products. So vegans would have to consume a lot more to keep up with the required rate of their bodies.

Fortunately, advancements in technology regarding plant-based supplements have not been idle. There is now a vast range of vegan-friendly supplements available in the market. Simply put, these supplements provide consumers with the amounts of protein and other nutrients necessary for building greater muscle mass without compromising the vegan food policy. The effort is spearheaded by brands such as Vega, Sunwarrior and Run Everything Labs.

Contrary to popular belief, vegan supplements carry benefits that are beyond merely satisfying the requirements of vegan consumers. Did you know that the majority of people are actually unable to digest milk products very effectively? Also, other protein supplements tend to augment the flavour by adding in processed sugar which results in a very high intake of calories and consequently, a greater risk of heart disease. Vegan supplements are free of sugar utilizing only natural sweeteners that are plant-based so there is no risk of incurring excess calories in the pursuit of a sweet flavour. A vegan formula with the equivalent nutrient content would be digested and absorbed a lot easier without causing any side effects.

Vegan formulas are also void of any kind gluten so they are quite acceptable to people who cannot tolerate the substance in their system.

So if you are a vegetarian or vegan and have the desire to build heaps of muscle without compromising your food policy, there are a plenty of organic supplements available in the market to help you get there. You can acquire them at a decent rate and with all the health benefits and possibly more than what you might get from regular nutritional supplements.

Sally Andrews