Skin Awake: 3 Showers from Elsewhere for a Makeover!


In the summer, we often prefer showers to baths. Water flowing stimulates the skin and body, causing both pleasant sensations and many blessings. All over the world we know and practice the shower cure of well being. Three examples all simple but effective.

Asian shower to soothe

method: before entering the shower, allowed to run water until the appearance of a vapor cloud. We then slides under the knob and the temperature rises slightly (36 ° C) and allowed to run water on the head and neck for three minutes. The effects: hot shower acts on the nervous system. It relaxes effectively and sustainably in case of stress or fatigue. Clearly, it appears more Zen. The + : For further relaxation, it is expected a big, cozy towel to wrap up there. Then lies down on his bed, arms and legs spread, and breathe deeply by becoming aware of every part of his body. We start from the head to reach the toes.

Ayurvedic shower to moisturize

method: we coated the body of body oil – sesame Preferences- before taking a hot shower. The effects : with heat, skin pores open and let in the oil. The skin is fed instead of being pickled. It is more flexible, softer, more velvety. The + : oil was re on her skin while it is still wet. It thus prevents the water from evaporating. Oils, in fact, are not moisturizing, but “anti-desiccant” and nourishing. One can also opt for the sesame oil, argan and rosehip. The latter is well suited to the very dry skin.

Circulatory shower to stimulate circulation

Method: We start with hot water. Sprinkling legs, and lower the temperature. Once cool, we go back the knob to the upper thighs. And we take a few seconds. And we alternate hot and cold. And ends with the cold to prevent swelling. Effects: improves blood circulation. The hot/cold contracts and relaxes blood vessels, creating a pump problem and facilitates venous return. The +: massage the legs. We start with a light touch, and then kneaded and kneaded with the fingertips and palms, and we end up with a light massage.

Finally, a shower can bring as much of relaxation and well-being of a bath. So we took the opportunity if it is abused all summer.

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