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Types of Different Disability Organizations

Types of Different Disability Organizations

It is no surprise that students, as well as adults with disabilities, are often shut out from doing and being involved in certain tasks even though they have the right to do so. Disabilities can be classified into many things, such as autism, dyslexia, blindness and physical disabilities.


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Raising awareness on each of these disabilities important. There are many organizations that built to help the disabled along with raising awareness of it. Some of the organizations are All walks of life, Alzheimer’s Association, American Association on intellectual and developmental disability, rights education & defence fun, spinal cord injuries Australia, and the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in Australia.

These are some of the organizations are dedicated to providing every disabled individual with an investment at the first few stages of their journey to better health.

All Walks of life focuses on raising awareness within the disabled group of their rights and educating them on equal opportunity, it discusses solutions for the disabled as well as their families to help reduce violence towards the disabled.

American Association on intellectual and development (AAIDD) has been around for quite some time, this organizations mission is to provide professionals with good resources to work with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. They work towards enhancing their knowledge and skills and motivating them into pursuing careers.

Similar to AIDD goals, the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia also targets something similar, this organization supports Australians that have permanent as well as significant disabilities, they give them hope, by providing them with proper steps to a healthy life, these include, counselling, respite care, nursing, post-hospital care, support groups and finally advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

They do so by showing them the simple pleasures in life, by preparing them for days where they will feel blue, as mental health is of utmost importance.

It is important to treat disabled individuals with the same respect and dignity you will treat any other individual. The disabled should not be discriminated but treated as equals, whether it is out in public or at a workplace.

Many people find it hard to act normal around disabled people, even though we realize that they are mentally equal to us, we focus on their physical limitations, causing up to show empathy, which most often can offend the individual with the disability.

Something that is constantly told to people with disabilities is to concentrate on things other than what your disability limits you to do.  It is a method of making them look into the brighter side of things, motivate and push them towards the goal they have envisioned, helping them lead to success.

After reading the above you will realize that there are many organizations that are doing their part, by funding, helping develop their skills and raising awareness on the disabled. It is your turn to at least take one step towards disability awareness and make all individuals aware of disability and the rights they possess.

Safikul Islam