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What to Expect In Drug Rehabilitation Programs

What to Expect In Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Searching for effective drug rehabilitation programs for a drug and/or alcohol abuse case can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming. It is absolutely normal to have lots of questions and things you want to know about the entire process. A lot of people are totally blank about what really goes on in a drug rehab program and what life is like for individuals undergoing treatment.

Drug rehabilitation programs usually last for at least thirty to forty days; some other programs are even up to sixty- to ninety-day stay at an inpatient or residential treatment centers. But the duration of your stay in rehab is actually dependent on a couple of factors including:

  • The specific addiction of the client
  • Personal addiction history
  • The discovery of additional behavioral, mental, and medical health-related conditions.

Treatment programs are also designed to cater to the unique social, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional need of a client. So a drug rehab program does not only take care of you or your loved one’s drug issue but also your health and general well-being.

Are you not sure of what to expect in a rehab program? This article is aimed at giving you an insight of what to expect in drug rehabilitation programs. Here are some of the things you should expect.

Detoxification and Withdrawal

Because severe and prolonged use of drugs and alcohol have a vast effect on an individual’s emotional and physical health, a detoxification process might be required at the beginning of your treatment to enable you to benefit from the program. If you get admitted to a drug rehab program, your treatment will start with a twenty-four hours detox period that is medically supervised.

Evaluations and Assessments

On your arrival at a drug rehab facility, a doctor will be assigned to you that will review and discuss the following:

  • The type of substance you use
  • Your mental and physical health
  • Family history
  • How long you’ve been using your choice of substance
  • What triggers your substance abuse
  • Other related issues.

The assessment and evaluation will enable the facility to create the best possible program suitable for you. This will enable them to provide you with a streamlined solution. Hence, it is crucial that you tell them all they need to know, as it will play a key role in your recovery process.


Drug rehabilitation programs have their own community and culture. So when you opt for the program, you will be oriented on how things are done in there. You will also be taught other things such as addiction disease model, 12-step recovery principles, the significance of aftercare treatment, and the emotional, physical, and social impact of drug abuse. You will also be oriented about your rights, confidentiality policies, and responsibilities.

Substance Abuse Treatment

There are different treatment approaches for addiction, and you need the core treatment approaches and activities to see you through abstinence. Some of the treatment activities include personal therapy, group therapy, educational lectures, special focus groups, and skill acquisition (though not in all rehab programs).

Post-Drug Rehabilitation Programs

A lot of drug rehabilitation programs are aimed at not only helping you get well but also to remain well and thrive in the recovery. At the end of your treatment program at the rehab, your treatment provider will discuss some aftercare treatment options with you. At this point, the treatment center will follow you up with continual care and recommendation.