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The Best Ways to Clean a Sofa

The Best Ways to Clean a Sofa

No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, sofas will inevitably get dirty that is just how it is. But the good news is that they can be cleaned and if you continue to do it at regular intervals, you will be able to keep your sofa in great condition for a long time to come. Here are some of the best ways in which you can maintain a clean and good sofa always.


Vacuuming It

The most common method of removing large dust particles that have fallen on the sofa is to vacuum it off. This is also a precursor or first step to the complete cleaning process that will ensure that your sofa is always in good condition. Before you get into all of the thorough cleanings, vacuuming will help you remove the large debris that has gotten stuck on the sofa. You will need to use the vacuum on all the cushions of the sofa as well as all its sides. Then remove the cushions and vacuum the base of the sofa as well, to remove anything that may have fallen in there. Beware if you have kids, you might find your Brussels sprouts and broccoli at the base of your sofa.

Using a Bristled Brush

Unless you want to go hunting for lounge suites for sale every single time a stain gets on the sofa, use a bristled brush that will help you remove any spots or dirt stains that have gotten caked onto the fabric of the sofa. The brush will need to be rather stiff as you will be using it to remove these stains but you must make sure that you do not brush too hard or it will damage the fabric as well.

Removing Fur And Lint

There are some companies that will make sofas with the specific intention of being pet-friendly. However, know that the ordinary vacuum cleaner that you use will not be able to remove lint and fur that comes from pets. You will need to use a lint roller to remove the bits and pieces that your vacuum cleaner cannot get to.

Now Look At the Sofa Material

Look for the tag that comes with the sofa that will give you information on what it is made out of. These tags can be of several different types. W indicates that you can use a detergent and water along with steam vacuuming for cleaning. WS this means that you can use the steam vacuuming with a detergent that is water based or even dry cleaning detergent can be used. S means that you should only use a dry cleaning on the sofa. If it says O it means that the material of your sofa is organic and that it should be washed using cold water. If it reads X it means that you can either vacuum or use the bristle brush or you need to get the help of professional sofa cleaners for maintenance.