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Easy and Cost Efficient Attic Insulation for Better Energy Efficiency

Easy and Cost Efficient Attic Insulation for Better Energy Efficiency

I am glad to write on a topic that interests me a lot. People do not understand the importance of attic insulation and my following post is sure going to be an eye-opener. If you are planning to insulate the home, do not ignore the attic roof insulation. Insulating the roof is a silent savings bank which helps to maintain the coolness of the home during summers and reduce the energy bills. Every penny saved on the energy bills adds up to become a good saving amount.

Why insulate your attic?

Attic insulation was never on the to-do list of the homeowners. The attic was considered to be a place to dump unwanted things. But, today lot of that has changed as people have understood the significance of attic insulation. To keep your home cool in summer and warm in winters, home insulation is essential. But, if you are not ready to plunge into a heavy investment of complete home insulation then least you can do is the attic insulation.

It is true and I know by my experience that attic insulation is the cheapest upgrade of your home insulation and can work wonders on your energy bills. Next time you sweat out seeing your energy bills then make sure that attics are insulated. Insulation of attic acts like a woollen coat for your building and keeps the interiors warm and comfortable during winters. However, you must look into certain aspects to make attic insulation effective.

Attic sealing

Before insulating the attic make sure that the attic is properly sealed. In fact, I have recommended many of my clients with a tight budget to at least go for attic sealing if they are not able to afford attic insulation. Sealing the gaps and cracks in the attic helps in a great way to resist the air flow from outside. When the wind blows strongly, it can easily pass through such gaps and affects the internal room temperature.

In summers, the hot air is blown into the home and so air conditioners are run continuously causing your energy bills to shoot up. Attic sealing locks in the air and helps in maintaining a constant temperature within the house.

Attic insulation improves air quality

The attic is prone to a lot of allergens as they tend to be dirty and dingy. If they are not sealed and insulated then there are chances of the air flowing from the attic to the living space and causing bad odour and temperature variations. Another problem with attic is the issue of infestation of rodents and other pests. Only proper insulation of the attic helps in keeping the rodents at bay. You can also help in maintaining a clean and healthy ambience inside the home.

Types of attic insulation

When we talk about cheaper alternatives to insulate your home then the following are some of them:

Blown in cellulose: Being an organic material it is eco-friendly too. Also, the cost of this material is very less compared to other products. Blown in cellulose is made of recycled paper and so you can use them without any worries of allergens. It is very effective in increasing the energy efficiency but cannot expect a longer life.

Batt insulation: This is another solution for Attic Cat Insulation. They come with reasonable price tags and look similar to carpets. Batts are made of fibreglass or rock wool. They are very flexible and easy to install too. They can be cut into different shapes and sizes without much effort and can snugly fit into crawl spaces too. This is a durable and cost-effective remedy for attic insulation.

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