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Four Handy Tips to Get Rid of Ants

Four Handy Tips to Get Rid of Ants

Here you will find the best solutions to get rid of Ants. Ants can be very tricky to get off depending on the type of ants that you have. This often at times require a special type of application. This step process will totally help you get rid of any ants’ infestation. This method has been approved and tested by certified and comes back with 100% guarantee. So, whether you have the ants’ problem indoor or outdoor. This solution steps process will help you eliminate ants.

Identification and Inspection

Knowing what type of Ant you have and where it found is important for treatment. There are many different types of Ants. As a matter of facts, there are over 10,000 species of Ant worldwide. But luckily for you and I only have to deal with 10 or 20 around our home and business. So many of those ants include farewell ants, crazy ants or fire ants. Identification and inspection go hand in hand because it can be difficult to identify the ant species ;

Take a close look at their body, and you want to identify the number of body segments now. Note these body characteristics like color, antenna shape. Fire ants are found outdoors in tough grass. Look for areas where ants are mostly found, around the foundation, entry point into the structure, flower beds and mulch beds.

 Apply Bifen LP and Reclaim IT Control (for outdoor use only)

Bifen LP is granulated insecticides that are applied to the yard, using either a hand spreader or a push spreader. After applying the Bifen LP, then follow up with Reclaim IT. Reclaim IT is a liquid insecticide that can be sprayed on tough grass. It helps to do two great things, watering in the Bifen granules and provides immediate control of ants. You can also use this spray product along window frames and doors, round the heels of the house and also around the parameter.

Apply Fipro and Ant-Trax Bait (for indoor use only)

Fipro is actually a non-repellant. It is delivered as a form to fill all voids, crevices and cracks. As a non-repellant, that is actually important because ants come in contact with it and return to the colony and contaminate others. Ant-Trax bait comes in a syringe for easy application and has been tested to be one of the most effective baits available. Apply Ant-Trax in locations where ants activities are available such as kitchen, appliances and entry point to the house. In about 7 to 8 days your ants’ problem should be eliminated.


Keep your home clean, vacuum floors regularly, sweep up crumbs, store perishable food in airtight containers, seal up any cracks or crevices, trim down vegetation around the house. All these things are straightforward to do, and it will help you to get long-term control and to eliminate ants problem.

If you follow this four steps process, solution guarantees you 100% that you will eliminate ants infestation. Do it yourself. However, if you do not have the time or simply need a professional pest exterminator, do not hesitate to get one