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Low-Tech Ways to Keep Your House Warm During the Winter

Low-Tech Ways to Keep Your House Warm During the Winter

With the approach of winter, heating expenses could increase especially in regions prone to colder climate. However, in order to stay warm and comfortable during this season expensive utility bills aren’t the only solution.

Here are some other methods you could use to keep your house warm during this season:

Hang heavy but durable curtains

Exchange the thin and light-coloured curtains you used in the summer for something much heavier. Using heavier curtains will help keep the inside of your house warm while restricting the cold breeze from entering in to your home.

Keep the curtains open in the morning and shut in the night

Take advantage of the natural heater during daylight; the sun. Keep your curtains open in the morning to allow natural heat to warm your home. However, in order to keep the cold out when the sun sets, make sure to close those curtains as it becomes dark.

Cover bare floorboards

If you have wooden flooring, then the draft between the floorboards can make the floor cold. In order to reduce heat loss, you can cover up the floor boards with a sheepskin rug that will keep your feet warm while mitigating the cold.

Change the direction of your ceiling fan

While you may not usually switch on your ceiling fan during the winter, by making a simple change, your ceiling fan can help warm up the air in the room. Reverse the rotation of your fan in order to push the cold air upwards so it can mix up with the warmer air and circulate this mixed air throughout the room.

Wrap up your pipes during the winter

In order to keep your house warm and prevent a pipe burst during the winter, make sure to cover up the pipes in your house. This can be arranged using pipe sleeves, heat tape or heat cables that could be wrapped around the pipe. If you are unable to fit in any of these items in your budget, then you could simply cover them up with newspapers.

Shut up unused rooms

If there are any unoccupied rooms in your house, then make sure to shut them up. Keeping the doors closed will help prevent the cold air from spreading throughout the house and it will also help keep the heat centred on the areas you use frequently.

Set a timer on the central heating system

It is much cheaper to turn on the heater a half hour earlier but at a lower temperature than suddenly switching it on to a higher temperature. Thermostats heat up at a constant speed so by switching it on minutes earlier, you can make sure you wake up warm rather than waking up cold and turning the thermostat up to warm the house rapidly.

You can bring out those fluffy blankets, sweaters and socks to keep you warm as well. With these pointers in mind, you will not have to be constantly buried under piles of blankets inside your home and will not go broke trying to keep yourself warm.