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Things You Should Never Do To Your Mattress

Things You Should Never Do To Your Mattress

Getting a mattress is a huge investment, and you should take care of it. You do not want to be spending your hard earned money on another mattress just because you didn’t take care of the previous one. The longevity of your mattress depends on the way you treat it, and there are many factors that may affect its degenerative process. Over the years the things you unknowingly do to your bed can be causing more serious damage than you realise. You will definitely be surprised at how the minor things you do impact the bed. Read on to find out a few things you should not do to your mattress.

Jumping, Standing And Also Sitting

Mattresses usually have many layers of padding within them to make them extremely comfortable for the person using them, and these layers are formed on top of steel coil springs that make them have a bouncy texture. Households with children may have the most damaged mattresses, while we know adults don’t usually stand or jump on their beds it is highly likely that children play on the bed all the time, and their favourite past time is jumping on beds. When you start jumping and standing on the mattresses it forces the individual layers into the springs, and this over time limits the springs, thus shortening the lifespan of the mattress.

Not Protecting It Enough

Many make the mistake of using a mattress without providing it with an added layer on top to protect it from stains. A mattress protector is essential because it safeguards the mattress from any liquids that may spill on the bed. This will stop the mattress from being stained, and also keep it from losing the mattresses warranty as well.

Not Rotating The Mattress

Many mattress manufacturers don’t inform the buyers about this, but it is important for everyone to take the time and rotate the mattress at least once a month. This prevents any kind of impression being formed on the mattress, causing it to turn lumpy over a given period of time. Continuous rotation of the mattress will increase the lifespan of the mattress by two to three years.

Not Using Sheets

You may not think that there are people who do not use sheets, but there are plenty of individuals who make their beds without laying any sheets on top. Just like the use of mattress pads, the sheets that you have on also play a major role in protecting the mattress. The bedding that you needs to be washed every two to three weeks and the mattress must also be vacuumed to take off any dust that has collected through the years.

Allowing For The Mattress To Get Wet

This is a big no no, you should never let your mattress get wet under any circumstances. Once any type of liquid falls onto the surface, it is going to seep into the layers and drying it is next to impossible. This wetness is then going to be a stepping stone towards the creation of mold and mildew, which is nothing but a health hazard.