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Tips and tricks. Fight against Spiders at Home

Tips and tricks. Fight against Spiders at Home

With the approach of autumn, spiders show the tip of their feet at home, causing a few scares in some! Here are some tips, some natural tips to help you keep your house spiders … rather than kill them.

Many of us have a holy horror of spiders. Not that we did not know how useful these little creatures can have in our house (we rid of mosquitoes and flies in particular), but the view of an arachnid gives us chills in the back and paralyzes more than one!

In September, spiders reappear in our homes, lodge in a corner of the wall. If arachnids scare you, or if you just want to save your house spiders, here are some tips.

For it is better away from home spiders naturally rather than kill them!

Spiders: repel rather than kill

Because spiders have eight legs and two body parts, they are part of the family of arachnids, not insects as we sometimes think.

In the world there exist about 35,000 species of spiders different, including more than 1,500 are based in France. If spiders are often the cause of phobia or fear from us, they are harmless to us. Because if they sometimes bite, the venom of spiders in France is not delivered in sufficient quantities to have adverse consequences on our health. In addition, they are very useful in our homes , feasting on flies and other insects against which we do not wrestle.

But sometimes the presence of spiders is too much to bear …

Chestnuts and chestnut against spiders

Some plants, flowers or substances repellent properties against various insects.

For the spider, think brown or chestnut trees!

Since spiders invite themselves into our homes when outside temperatures decrease and when the chestnut trees lose their fruits, so go for a walk outside to pick them some chestnuts still carry their green shell.

Cut the fruit in half and place them in the corners of your home, a grandmother trick wants to do away the brown spiders.

The chestnut also would release a substance that spiders have horror! With this information, you can:

  • choose a frame in chestnut if you plan to build future
  • planting chestnut trees in your garden, the more or less near windows
  • arrange on the edge of your window chestnut branches
  • The essential oil of horse chestnut against spiders.

The essential oil of horse chestnut is known and recognized as a repellent for spiders.

Place a few drops of essential oil on door frames, around windows to keep the arachnids. Indeed, the essential oil smell of horse chestnut scares them away!

Spiders do not like tomatoes

The spiders that come into our homes warm in the fall do not like the smell of tomato leaves.

Thus, another trick anti-spider grandmother would sow everywhere of home leaves tomatoes to prevent spiders from entering his home.

If you have feet tomatoes or when you buy tomatoes, collect some leaves and branches and form clumps. Place them near the openings (doors, windows) or near a heater so that the smell spreads.

The leaves dry quickly, so be sure to change them regularly …

Alum and Maintenance

Another trick, even after recipes of our grandmothers: the alum stone can act as a repellent against spiders.

To use this trick, place in a spray bottle 1 litre of water with 80 grams of alum stone (preferably powder). Mix together and spray on the framework of doors and windows. You can do the same with a dust suppressant product.

Then, to get rid of spiders, a very stupid solution: Properly maintain your home by getting rid of cobwebs on the walls and sucking soil, fabrics and carpets once a week to eliminate possible sources of food, nesting or comfort spiders.

Stay away from spiders or rather do not let go

In short, you’ll understand that spiders are not harmful, since they do not attack your furniture, you, and you even get rid of some nasty critters.

But the spider is a victim of his unsightly physical and non-rational fears. So even if you are afraid of them, do not kill them, but simply learn not attract you.



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