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Tips for the flies!

Tips for the flies!

Whether you are in town, in the countryside, near the sea or a lake, it is almost impossible to escape the onslaught of flies. To avoid them, adopt these simple and natural tips, history of the nose … a little!

The flies without harming the environment

The fly larvae usually feed on rotting, which is already broken and thus easily assimilated. Adults, however, tend to feed on sugars: nectar, pollen, milk, fruit. Moreover, the fly appreciates the warm, moist areas to lay their eggs (animal waste, garbage etc.).

Flies – Did you know?

A single female can lay up to a thousand eggs during the 12 days of his adult life. It takes about 12 days to fly a new generation appears.

Some Anti-fly tips

To prevent the invasion of flies home, some simple rules to follow are:

  • Clean the kitchen quickly after eating, and other places where you have the habit of snacking.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes too long in the open.
  • Avoid accumulate organic waste in garbage cans and especially prefer small volume of bags in order to throw them as regularly as possible. Remember also to clean and sanitize your garbage regularly.
  • Do not leave the fruit to rot in the trash.
  • At night, do not leave the windows open without screens, the colour yellow – after the light curtain or interior paint – tends to attract. This is also why the sticky tape flypapers and other insecticides are this colour.
  • Do not let stagnant moisture in the bathroom.
  • On the other hand, if you are a fan of compost and that you keep in your garden, note that the flies will have the great pleasure to retreat to the decomposing waste is conducive to their comfort! So to avoid at best the arrival of flies, put the compost pile or composter in the garden, away from home, but in a convenient place.


Adhesive paper to chase the flies

  • Hang paper sticky fly swatter in strategic locations. This is not really pretty, but it’s highly efficient.


The essential oils against flies

If the invasion continues despite all this you can always:

  • Use diffusers essential oils of peppermint, of lavender, of citronella or tansy.
  • Design the ‘trap Camper’ of filling a bottom of a bottle of sweet liquid (water sweet for example, simply) for the roof and a returned bottleneck. The insect is attracted to the sugar solution and then drown. Cruel, but effective.



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