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Tips on How to Care For Your Polished Concrete Floors

Tips on How to Care For Your Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete provides a long lasting covering for your Concrete Floorss. Apart from it being durable, you can also polish it to give it a smooth finish. Just because it is durable, does not mean that it is maintenance free. It wears out with time due to traffic and other factors. You will most homes whose concrete floors have cracks and are starting to show signs that it needs repair or replacement. Minor damages to the concrete will not require you to replace the concrete floor. You can sand it before polishing it.

The best way to maintenance or care for your concrete floor is to know what it needs. The polish on the floor will require frequent cleaning, and if it fades away, you can proceed to apply another layer of polish to give it a new look. Although you might think of covering the floor with a carpet, floor polishing makes everything look lavish and naturally beautiful. So, how do you care for your polished concrete floor and save on the cost of maintenance? The following tips will give you a head-start:

Use mats in heavy traffic areas

Entryways will attract heavy traffic in the house. This is both for outside and inside. You can place mats on such floors where heavy traffic is common. This will help to prevent abrasion of the polished concrete floors in your home. However, for residential buildings, heavy traffic might not be a problem. All in all, you need mats to protect the quality of the polish and keep your floors looking shiny and attractive.

Use soft cleaning solutions on your polished floor

Harsh cleaning solutions will make the shine on the polish to fade. It is obvious that polish aims to keep your floors shiny and durable. Depending on the cleaning solution you are using, it can interfere with the quality of the polish you have on. If you are looking for quality results, use soft cleaning solutions that will not react or be harsh to the polish on the concrete floor.

Apply floor wax on your concrete floor

It aims to preserve the quality of the polish. Choose quality commercial grade wax for your concrete floors. It is effective as you can reapply it as soon as it shows signs of wearing off. The sealer on the polish is what you want t preserve for long. It keeps your floor looking all new and attractive. The floor wax preserves that sealer on your floor.

Clean stains and spills as soon as they occur on the floor

The spills and stains can be absorbed by the floor making it difficult to remove or clean them. You can try to clean them off as soon as they occur on the floor. When left to be absorbed, it might require a harsh cleaning solution to clean them off which might destroy the sealer making the floor to fade. Spills and stains will be impossible to avoid, and thus, you have to clean them quickly and give your concrete polish the much-deserved shine.

Sally Andrews