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IT Disaster Recovery Services

IT Disaster Recovery Services

Every company should have a risk management policy and an insurance to cover any issues and problems that might arise. There are many disasters that can take place that might cause data loss in a company – hardware can break down, flooding and fires can threaten capital assets and in some cases, a crime such as theft and vandalism can also take place.

This is why it is important not only to have adequate insurance and risk assessment devices set up but also to set up systems that can be used to store information in a way that it is easier to recover in case of disaster.

Disaster Recovery Consulting

A good disaster recovery specialist will identify with your company the various factors that are needed to make the facilities highly secure for data and information storage and transfer. First, practical, on-site technical solutions will be sought. Good disaster recovery services will advice physical backups on-site and networked backups off-site. The data can be stored in various buildings and it can also be printed out and stored in traditional filing cabinets if needed.

Additionally, it is also possible to back up data remotely so that in case of a disaster any information can simply be reinstalled once the hardware to access it has been replaced. Professional and qualified network engineers will work closely with technicians in your company to set up the systems so that they go smoothly and automatically. Backups will be done automatically at regular intervals and may involve using several media such as hard drives or even tapes. It depends on the type of information you are storing and how much bandwidth its transfer will use. For instance, in security cameras, video information that will be recorded for security services needs to be considered for IT disaster recovery management.