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3 Things That Are Signified By A Wedding Ring

3 Things That Are Signified By A Wedding Ring

When you find that one person that you see yourself spending the rest of your life with, it is important that you make a move and not waste time. Life is short and true love only comes once in a lifetime –do not let yours pass you by.

Getting married is a union between two people who decide to leave their families and parents and become one. Although weddings are always glamorous, it does not mean that the marriages themselves stay that way. Wedding rings are used to signify a lot when it comes to the union of a man and woman to become one. If you are looking to making your wedding and marriage succeed, you need to be able to make sacrifices. Even though it is impossible to understand someone, try your best to know your partner and always give them the attention they deserve. Insecurity is one of the main things that lead many good marriages down the drain. Here are three things that a wedding ring should signify:

• Commitment

The number one sign of a wedding ring is the commitment to your spouse. When you are married, you take on a lot more than you were used to. You have to make sure that you and your spouse are both doing great. Taking of wedding rings is one of the way of breaking this commitment especially if you are not taking it off to do some work. When you claim to be together till death do you part, you take an oath of committing both yourself and time to the person you are getting married to. If you want your marriage to succeed, it would be best if you started by honouring the wedding ring you wearing and stay committed only to your spouse.

• United Forever

When you are getting married you will be asked if you agree to love and cherish your spouse till death and it is important that you take that seriously. Before you and your spouse get to wear your wedding rings, you first need to make sure that you are ready for the union. Since marriage is seen as a union between three parties by most religions –Woman, Man and God, most religions take it very seriously and only happen after the couple has been approved by the church to go ahead. Due to the factor of God being in the union, it becomes an everlasting union that should not be broken –but of course you have a divorce option.

• Profession of Love

People are always looking for love each and everyday, especially the ones who are not in love already. Wearing wedding rings keeps both you and your spouse off the market where people are looking for their soul mates. A wedding ring tells other people that you are already taken and they should not waste their time with you. This plays a great role in reducing the level of temptations that most married people go through. It is important that you always wear your wedding ring for as long as you remain married to your spouse.

Wedding rings have been in existence for a long period of time and through the ages they have been used to signify a lot of things. Whatever the significance you have behind the wedding ring you choose for your spouse, you better make sure they love it.

Sally Andrews