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Jewellery – what’s currently trending this season

Jewellery – what’s currently trending this season

Fashion, in particular jewellery and accessories, is forever evolving with trends popping up on the market at least 4 times a year as the seasons roll over. So we get that sometimes it can be hard to keep up. However, we are lucky that jewellery has become a lot more affordable and accessible to the everyday girl, so we are able to indulge in the occasional new piece (or two)!

Below is a list of the top 5 pieces of jewellery currently trending on the market that you can add them to your Christmas wish list!

  1. The Choker

Bring back the 90’s! Think Britney or the three Charmed sisters, the chokers were a massive part of the 90’s pop culture. Well, the trend has re-surfaced and the choker chains are back! Whether it is the classic faux tattoo stretch necklace or the velvet sun drop bead there is a whole heap out there on the market at the moment. Chokers create a sexy, dark, goth-like element to an outfit, which is edgy and fun. Handy tip? Opted for a dark lip to complete your outfit.  Double handy tip? Chokers don’t suit everyone. Sometimes a choker can accentuate the size of your neck and draw attention to your jawline. So this might be a trend you want to avoid if you are heart or square faced. This trend is more suits to an oval or smaller jawline.

  1. The Knuckle Rings

No, people aren’t just wearing XXS rings that can’t fit all the way down their fingers. They are knuckle rings, designed to rest on your knuckles. Last season we saw a trend in multiple rings wearing (think the Olsen twins)…  Well, knuckle rings have taken it to a whole new level. Some girls are wearing up to 15rings at once as you can now essentially layer your rings. The trick to this trend is that it is all about balance. Have heavier rings on your index and middle fingers and always ensure the knuckle rings are delicate and light. Don’t go overboard with the other. Stick to two knuckles rings max on each finger and just pick the fingers knuckles that feel right for you.

  1. The Delicate Necklace

It is always a relief when the biggest trends in fashion are also enduring classics— investments that can be worn for years to come. And that’s exactly what this trend is. The delicate necklace is such a great piece that is worth investing in. Handy tip? Invest in a gold delicate necklace that is a piece you can hold onto and then you can layer and wear with cheaper, fun buys. As long as you have the one core necklace, you can layer around it.

  1. Layering

Speaking of layering, this has become a trend in itself. Trends aren’t always about the actual piece of jewellery, rather how they are worn. And layering is definitely one of them. With rings, necklaces, and bracelets – layering is a huge trend. Don’t go overboard layering with heavy pieces; it usually works better when you layer with lighter pieces and perhaps one statement heavier piece. It is also nice to include a set colour theme in the layering so it doesn’t look like a jumble.

  1. Off balance

The ‘off balance’ trend, one that was recently seen on the runway and that will slowly transcend into the commercial world over the next few months. Off balance refers to any piece of jewellery (typically earrings) that don’t match so they give the impression of an off-balanced look. Its cutting edge and very modern and creates great lines and focal points within your outfit. The off-balance earrings look can be tricky to pull off, as you don’t want it to look like you’ve rushed out of the door and picked up different earrings! Make sure one earring is a statement piece and the other needs to have some commonality. For example, both earrings are gold or chained or studded. The great thing is that you can buy off balance pieces as a set, so you don’t have to worry about the styling and matching!

So keep a lookout for these pieces of jewellery and accessories on the market – and give them a go! Pick and choose your trends.  Not all trends will suit your personal style so don’t feel like you have to do it because it is in fashion.

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