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Types of Flaws Present in Diamond Jewellery

Types of Flaws Present in Diamond Jewellery

The generation that we are living in is all about the exterior looks of a person or product, more than the attention paid to the interior. A product might look great from the outside, but be very broken and overused on the inside.

When you are out shopping for some diamond jewellery you should always keep your eyes open to ensure that you do not buy ones with blemishes and inclusions. The blemishes are marks that you find on the surface of the diamond whereas inclusions are the marks that internal. Know that any diamond jewellery is as attractive as the clarity of the diamond is, you should make sure that you try your very best to keep the diamond earrings or rings as clear as possible. In case you are looking to buy some jewellery made of diamonds, you should know that a stone that has these blemishes and inclusions is way cheaper and has a decreased value as opposed to a stone that is polished. The following are some of the flaws that you can find in a diamond:

        I.            Natural
The diamonds are mined from deep within the earth’s crust and they are found in diamond form but they are not always in the best state. It is hard or close to impossible for you to find any diamond jewellery that is made from natural diamonds. This is basically the rough skin of a diamond at its original state before it is polished at all.

If you come across diamonds in their natural form and you are looking to have them made into some diamond jewellery, you will need to have the rocks polished. Polishing will help get the blemishes and inclusions off the diamond and give it the sparkle it needs.

      II.            Cavity
Cavity basically means a crack that is in between an object, in the case of diamond jewellery it is seen as any cracked up opening found on the surface of the diamond or any inclusion that is in the diamond. Since it is hard to cut a diamond, cavities mainly occur when the diamond is being cut or just found in the natural diamond straight from the mine.

You cannot tell what form you will find the diamond in and thus it is hard to prevent having cavities while the diamonds are being mined. When it comes to the cutting of the stone to make diamond jewellery, you can either hire a professional or be careful while doing it if you know how it is done.

    III.            Cleavage
This is the flaw that is found in the atomic grain of a diamond, it is a mark found on the inside of the diamond making it an inclusion. The cleavage, like all other markings found on a diamond, reduces the sparkle and glitz of your diamond jewellery and it is advisable that you treat your diamond to make it shiny again.

Since cleavage markings occur on the inside of a diamond, you can get rid of any cleavage or any other forms of inclusions using a laser drill.

Knowing the flaws that you face when purchasing some diamond jewellery will help you to always go for the best and nothing less of that. Make sure that when you purchase your jewellery you get tips on how to put the markings at bay.

Sally Andrews