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Understand The Pros and Avoid The Cons of Buying Online Engagement Ring

Understand The Pros and Avoid The Cons of Buying Online Engagement Ring

The current economy is creating a perfect booming trend for the online stores. You can get anything under the sun on the online store which has made life easier for the customers. Engagement rings are also now available online and are soon becoming the latest fad among the romantic youth. If you have decided to take the plunge to buy engagement ring, then I would like to shed some light on the pros and cons of buying it online.

Pros of buying online

Engagement ring locks in the immortal love and romance between the couple for a lifetime. Selection of rings for engagement involves an emotional feeling that can never be expressed in words. Today, with the advent of e commerce, choosing rings has become easy. Online buying of engagement rings comes with it a gamut of advantages like

Plethora of choices

In a regular store, the choice is often limited as most of the stores do not stock large quantities of engagement rings. You may have to limit your selection and compromise on your desire for the ideal ring. One of the major benefits of online store is that you are not restricted to just one but are open to many stores. A simple four Cs formula is what makes diamond selection easy namely Cut, colour, carat and clarity. Choices in each of these varieties are available in umpteen on online stores. There is always a learning centre in most of the stores which guides you through the basic of diamonds and other precious stones.

Avoid travelling

It is not easy to pick that perfect ideal diamond ring for your big day. Lot of emotional and financial expressions go through the minds. You will have to check out several shops until you hit upon the engagement ring of your taste. This requires travelling leading to more money and effort. But all this hassles is not present in online store. At the comfort of your sweet home, you can browse through the various stores and get to know about their collection.

Custom design

Recently, custom design is gaining momentum in the engagement rings online. You just have to let out your desires in the form of words and expressions. The designer will cut out a unique piece according to your requirement.

Viable comparisons

With so many stores online, making the comparison of the quality, choices and prices is possible. So, you finally pick up the ring that is within your budget and satiates your tastes and preferences.

Competitive prices

Prices of the rings tend to be much lower on online store as compared to regular store due to the absence of overhead costs. As a customer you get to gain this benefit.

Issues in online purchase

  • Only visual representation

One of the major drawbacks is that you cannot touch and feel the ring that you have ordered. Quite often in many of the online stores, people have complained of having received a piece different from what they had seen online.

  • Heavy investment

Despite the surge in popularity of online rings, people are still reluctant to take a plunge into this market. This may be due to the fact that diamond rings involves heavy investment and the risks posed by online store may be higher.

  • Customer care

Online stores may not be able to cater to the customer care as much as the regular store. However, the best online dealers have 24/7 customer service centre who attend to the customers quires and orders.

You need to buy from the best dealers to avoid the issues in buying online and reap the benefits.

Author bio

With an impressive profile of 15 years into retails and 5 fruitful years in the jewellery industry, Marlow Marshall is a passionate jewellery designer. Every piece created by him involves his dedication and passion that gives immense satisfaction to his clients.