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Building or renovating a kitchen can be a very exciting experience. There are vast designs available with new trends coming in regularly. Now you’re always welcome at kitchen showrooms to get an idea for your kitchen renovation project. However, there are a few designs that never go out of fashion, such as the following.

Contemporary Kitchens

Popular at all kitchen showrooms, this type of kitchen layout is known for its simplicity and clever use of colour. It is designed to be sleek and stylish, without compromising functionality. This type of kitchen design emphasises on elements that are classic or ultra-modern.

This kitchen is more inclined towards using basic furnishings such as frameless cabinets made of wood or stainless steel. It uses colours that are bold, ranging from very bright to extremely dark hues. In addition, the materials used for countertops are man-made, giving the kitchen that warm and lively feel you want.

French Provincial Kitchens

No kitchen showroom is void of French Provincial designs. Stylish and elegant, it has been made famous because of its use during and after the 18th century I French homes. What makes it stand out is that it uses wood mouldings and trimmings, railings and panels. The cabinets are made of stained hardwood like mahogany or cherry with shades varying from reddish to dark brown. As for the cabinet doors, these feature intricate designs with handles made of metals such as bronze, brass or pewter. Yellow mustard is the most favoured colour for these wooden panels if painted.

Country Kitchens

If you are thinking of a kitchen that radiates a warm, cosy and welcoming aura, then you’d be interested in a country style kitchen. It has more of a bright and cheerful feel. Furnishings are usually made of wood, which may be given a natural finish. Also, the walls and cabinets are often given a weathered looking finish. If you check country kitchens in kitchen showrooms you will find that the floors are made of wooden planks to add more authenticity to the country style.

These are the most popular designs found at any kitchen showroom. So, decide which of these you like and get it installed in your kitchen right away.

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