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Choosing An Office Pbx For Your Small Business

Choosing An Office Pbx For Your Small Business

Choosing an office phone system is perhaps not the first thing in the mind of an entrepreneur even when the office is set up and becomes operational.

Now, what could be your responsibility when you want to install a new office PBX or replacing an existing small business phone system? So many choices and options will mean different things to you! This makes the installation of Office PBX confusing and a bit cumbersome, but understanding the basics can help you to purchase a phone system this is right for your kind of business.

Types Of Business/Enterprise Phone Systems

There are four types of enterprise phone systems namely:

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Systems –

This is a telephony system with a switchboard that switches calls between users on a local line permitting all other users to share some amount of external phone lines together. Although the earlier versions of PBX were large and big, the more recent ones are small-scale and favour small businesses. Consequently, many users are more familiar with PBX systems which are becoming more affordable each year. In fact, it is the awesome choice for small businesses.

Key systems –

This is another popular type that is quite suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. This type of phone system has a key system unit (KSU) which controls all other phones in the office. Also, the KSU feature controls the functionality of every phone as well as ensures that the line is not used by more than one person at the same time.

Furthermore, the KSU allows the phones with the business place to dial each other through extension while giving the operator of the key system unit the chance to oversee to the operation of the whole system to make sure that the needs of the user are met.

Hybrid telephony systems –

The advancement in technology has made PBX and Key systems very similar to each other in the sense that features that were formally available on PBX systems are now readily available in Key systems. So, telephony systems that share features of both PBX and Key systems are now commonly referred to as hybrids. They offer most features as well as room for expansion and upgrades.

Key System Unit (KSU)-less System –

This type of telephony system is suitable for small businesses that are made up of 2 to 10 employees. In KSU-less systems, each phone contains KSU-type technology make them capable of providing the functionalities that key systems offer without making use of the central unit. One pronounced advantage KSU-less system has is that the technology is contained inside the phone making it easy to move in case of relocation.

So, the type of telephony system you choose for your small office or business is dependent on your expectation, preference and needs. As a tip, try to keep your staffs in mind as you choose the telephone system of your choice.
On the other hand, if you have large staff strength in your payroll then go for either PBX or hybrid systems as the KSU-less system will not be adequate for your telephony needs. Fortunately, the prices of these highly sophisticated telephone systems are becoming cheaper each year. Be that as it may, having the right Office PBX system for your small business will make a great positive impact on the way you and your staffs relate with each other as well as with your customers.

Sally Andrews