Constipation Redemption: What to eat?

In mild and transient constipation, adequate nutrition can quickly solve the problem. By choosing certain foods that promote transit and consuming lots of water, you should quickly overcome constipation. Here are some foods which have de-constipation property, thanks to their fiber content.

Constipation is most common problems in women. If you have constipation problems bet on the fibers. They favor the transit of the bolus and allow quick relief. By drinking plenty of water in parallel, they are used to create a large mass has come more easily while increasing the bacterial activity of the colon. Where to find them?

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Legumes, high in fiber

Also known as pulses, legumes are the dried seeds of plants to pod. They include dried beans and beans (red beans, white, black, pinto, adzuki, Spain, Lima, mung, soybean, cowpea), dried peas (whole peas, split peas, chick peas) and the lenses (green, red, brown). Include them in your diet during meals, bartering starchy against beans or lentils.

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Soft dried fruit help digestion

Soft dried fruit, in addition to providing magnesium and eliminate cholesterol, are high in fiber. In munch, a handful for breakfast, dessert or as a small snack at tea helps fight against constipation. However, watch out for those watching their weight: they are high in calories.

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Prune, natural laxatives star

Among the dried fruit, prune is most indicated for constipation due to its richness in indissoluble fibre: they are not absorbed by the body and are responsible for water for making them bulkier stools, and promote their expulsion. To be consumed as is, or cooked juice fasting.

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Oat bran promotes the transit

The oat bran is also very high in fibre. Consumed with water, it has a role of “stomach sponge” and allows to make stools softer. You can eat the powder, taking care not to consume more than two or three tablespoons per day , or cakes.

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Fresh fruit, consume skin and pips

Plums, grapes, kiwi, red fruit (raspberry, currant, blackberry) and other passion fruit may also be helpful for constipation. Eat well grains and seeds, and do not peel! A tip grandmother also involves drinking a fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning before breakfast.

Recipe herbal anti-constipation

Mix mallow flower (25g), dandelion root (50g), elderflower (50g), pale pink button (50g), artichoke leaf (50g) and anise seed (25g). Let steep four tablespoons of your mix in one litre of water, then strain and drink after meals.

Some tips to avoid constipation

– Do not wait before going to the bathroom: go when the need arises
– Eat at fixed times: the regular meals helps prevent constipation
– If your constipation persists, visit your doctor.

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