Foods to Avoid In case of Pregnancy

For your pregnancy is going well, it is prudent to avoid certain foods. Here are the precautions to be taken during these 9 months.



Watch your diet during pregnancy

Foods to ban

Pregnant, you should monitor your diet. In general, avoid eating raw foods. To limit the risk of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis, do not eat foods that can be dangerous: soft cheeses or raw milk, such as Camembert, grated cheese bag, the products purchased at the cut, raw and smoked fish, meat or raw or cooked sausages (rillettes). Thoroughly cook all meats and preparations made from eggs. Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite found in the earth. To avoid contamination, wash carefully vegetables, fruits, and aromatic herbs to remove them all dirt residue. This rule applies to all fruits.
Regarding seafood products, raw shellfish or undercooked, the surimi and Taramasalata are also banned.

Note: Avoid the consumption of cooked crustaceans in shell sold (it is best to cook yourself).

Deprecated food

We know that extremely high doses of vitamin A may pose risks to the fetus. Therefore, as a precaution, because of the high content of vitamin A from animal lovers, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid eating liver (regardless of species) or based products liver. But do not panic if you have consumed. The soy and soy products contain phytoestrogens, substances that can interfere with the hormonal system of the mother and baby. As a precaution, it is recommended during pregnancy to avoid consuming dietary supplements containing soy extracts, limit soy foods. No more than one day. Products added phytosterols – margarine, yoghurts, milk drinks, etc. – Are reserved for people who have “too much cholesterol.” Even if this is the case, it is not recommended for mothers to consume because the potential risks are still unknown. Last, aspartame, if the final report of the National Health Security Food Agency, the environment had rejected the “proven risk during pregnancy”, other studies have shown the risk of premature birth. In short, as a precaution, we forget sweeteners.

Attention to some fish

Fish is a very interesting food nutritionally, it is thus recommended to eat twice a week, including one oily fish. However, some fish are likely to be contaminated by chemicals but also by microorganisms. ¬†Expectant mothers are particularly vulnerable and need to be cautious. All wild fish monkfish type wolf (bar), eel, Emperor, halibut, pike, bream, skate, tuna should be avoided. It is the same for swordfish, marlin, and shark …

Tea and coffee, sparingly

Drinking tea all day, we take the risk of anaemia because iron foods are less well absorbed. Furthermore, the e tea is an exciting as well as coffee, so do not overdo it! The teas are not harmless. Chinese ginseng (Panax or) is a stimulant that alters the action of certain drugs, chamomile excited to share the uterus. You can drink safely from the citrus peel tea, ginger, lemon balm, rose hips, with two to three cups a day. Studies have shown that consuming more than 600 mg of coffee a day could reduce birth weight baby. An 800 mg daily, it increases the risk of mortality. Be reasonable in your consumption, and favour “light” coffees. Limit sodas also contain caffeine.

One true ban: Alcohol

The alcohol l, in all its forms, should be avoided because it attacks the brain of the fetus. Apart from the very serious syndrome Fetal Alcohol (1-3 children 1000), which affects children of alcoholic mothers, drink a glass of wine a day, or take excessive time to time favors prematurity and low weight of birth. Then a single slogan: one refrain.

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