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What Are The Foods Rich In Magnesium?

What Are The Foods Rich In Magnesium?

Magnesium is a mineral essential for the proper functioning of the body. Yet people have a daily intake of magnesium to lower recommended dietary allowances (6 mg of magnesium per kilogram per day). Furthermore, it is known that stressed people require much magnesium in the body, which increases the deficiency. 

What is magnesium?

Magnesium is involved in energy production, synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), and glutathione, the main detoxifying cell.
Magnesium plays a structural role in the bone, cell membranes, and chromosomes.
It participates in the active transport of potassium and calcium across cell membranes, hence its importance in nerve conduction, the muscle contraction and heart rate.
Given as a supplement, it helps to treat hyperventilation, hyperreactivity to stress.

Where is it?

In mineral waters, legumes, nuts, dried oilseeds, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, seafood.

Explanations: green vegetables such as spinach are good sources of magnesium because the centre of the chlorophyll molecule (which gives green vegetables their colour) contains. Some legumes (beans and peas), nuts, and whole grains are also good sources of magnesium. Contrary to widespread belief, the minerals in the water, either calcium, magnesium or others, are perfectly assimilated by the body. The magnesium from water is absorbed by 60%; calcium water is absorbed as well as milk. In addition, the presence of magnesium in the cooking water reduces the loss of food magnesium.

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Here you can find out in the table below the most magnesium-rich foods.

Some foods rich in magnesium
Food Magnesium content (mg / 100 g or mg / l)
Brazil nut 376
All Bran (Kellogg’s) 370
Chocolate dessert 327
Toasted almonds 286
Not toasted almonds 268
Roasted cashews 260
Buckwheat 231
Oat 177
Peanut 176
Hazelnut 173
Nuts 158
Brown rice 143
Rye 121
Pistachio 120
Whole wheat flour 116.2
Cooked white beans 111
Hépar 110
Quezac 95
Arvie 92
Spinach cooked 87
Contrex 84
Raw spinach 79
Cooked butter beans 74
Dried figs 68





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