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The Most Popular Horse Breeds In The World

The Most Popular Horse Breeds In The World

The many species of horses come in all shapes, sizes, heights and colours. But the most expensive and most sought-after breeds are indeed a beauty to behold. So here is a short list of the most popular horse breeds and their origins:

The Arabian

As its name suggests, this beautiful breed comes from the Arabian Peninsula/ the Middle- East, (which is known for its healthy, strong, well-trained and majestic looking equine) and is one of the most highly sought after equine breeds. It is of the oldest breeds known to man and the animal is known for its capability to endure all sorts of weather and other harsh conditions. It is also known for its unbreakable spirit, a spirit that seems to have come from being under the care and training of Arab Bedouins who have trained the animals in many disciplines, especially as a war mount. It lives for around 30 years and has a distinctive head shape, height and also a high tail carriage.

The Thoroughbred

Known for its uncanny intelligence, stunning speed and strong spirit, this species is a mix of many other well-known breeds but it originated in England around the 17th or 18th century. It is usually used for racing, hunting, jumping and even for games like polo. This breed is highly athletic in its build, it has a high spirit, it is tall and slender making it perfect for certain competitive sports. Breeds such as these require a lot of care, and that means they need horse rugs when the weather conditions are not favorable and also need to be regularly checked by the vet.

The Quarter And The Paint

The quarter species is most popular in the United States. It has the ability to quickly bolt short distances. This equine is used for everything from competitions to pleasure riding and from barrel racing to trails. This animal can basically do a bit of everything so it is very diverse in its ability. Another popular American breed is the paint, which has specific white and dark colors on its coat due to its strict bloodline, which makes it quite unique looking. This breed is very amicable and friendly so is often used as a pleasure mount.

The Morgan

This breed is smaller than most of the breeds previously mentioned. But it is more compact and not as high spirited which makes it a very agreeable animal. Amazingly enough, you can trace this breed’s lineage all the way back to a single sire named Figure. The strong stallion Figure was born in Massachusetts in 1789 and his offspring would come to be known as the Morgan breed.

Owning horses is a sign of status and prestige even today. People spend millions trying to purchase the purest blooded and noble spices of equine because it gives them satisfaction to keep such animals. It is not easy to care for such gentle beasts but it actually brings people great joy and many benefits as well.